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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:36 pm

Craig "Worm" Nikifor 10645187
Craig after his last Jail Release.

Craig came from Ireland to San Fierro, he used to be normal teenager... until his father being a Biker. Deamon, Craig's father was a Mortocycle Club member from "Lizards M.C". Always liked Bikes and that sound what his father heard... Rock n' Roll. He began to hear the Bands that his father loved. Focusing on Metallica. When you see him, he's always with a Metallica rag, shirt, brace or something. Decided to be a Biker when his father told about a Ride to Ohio... he never came back.
Years later, Craig came to Angel Pine, where find the Pagans... One Year later he went to Las Venturas, where find the Khans, his actually Motorcycle Club and Family.

-Criminal Record Status-

Name: Craig O. Nikifor
Nickname: Worm
Age: 22
Weight: 86,5 Kg
Height: 5'10"

Last Jail: Possession of Illegal substance.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
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