Mitch "Bones" Robertson's story

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Mitch "Bones" Robertson's story

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Mitch Robertson

The only picture of Mitch Robertson's childhood. Carried with him at all times. ^^

The Official Story
The Robertson Family grew up in San Antonio Texas in a small residential home. The family consisted of three, William (The Father), Mary (The Mother) and Michael (The Son). The family was known to be in debt to a local crime family, the Lockhart's. The family struggled by for years, living a humble religous life before all being mysteriously found dead. Many people were brought in for interrogation, untill the case was finally closed and the murderer never found.

Mitch's Untold Story

San Antonio Era
San Antonio Texas. Mitch was born on February the 4th, 1986 in his house by mother Mary Robertson. The birth was overseen by there neighbourhood retired doctor Henry Clein. Mitch grew up in his house of four. His Mother Mary, his Father William and his Brother Michael. Upon contrasting religious beliefs in the only school in the district. Mitch was home schooled by his mother from ages four to twelve. The family always knew Mitch was an unusual child. He spent most of his days inside. To afraid to react with other children because when he did he began to fight with them. He'd spend most of the days locked up in his imagination, writing brief novels or playing out situation conjured up in his head. When Mitch wasn't lost in his imagination, he was reading books or watching shows about motorbikes. He developed a huge passion for motorbikes at a young age. First experiencing his love for them, at the local carnival where he witnessed a stuntman ride right round a bowl. The local junkyard owner would occasionally allow Mitch to tamper with an old Harley Davidson wreckage in the junkyard. Mitch's anger began to become more visible when he got older. Mitch continued his daily life until he turned thirteen. For a year on and off, Mitch innocently watched his father sexually abuse his brother for two years on and off, Mitch was too afraid to say anything at the time, due to his father's threats and his mother at the time was completely clueless. One day Mitch's mother realised that Mitch's angry outbursts, were becoming out of control and was scared of him having a mental disorder such as Bipolar Disorder as he showed many other symptoms. The test was carried out once again by there neighbour, retired doctor Henry Clein. The reason Henry would help the family so much, was because of their debt. They didn't have enough money for health insurance. Henry diagnosed Mitch with Intermittent Explosive Disorder and put him on a temporary drug trial and a session of therapy with him each week, to try and fend off the disorder at a young age. Not three blocks away, Michael Robertson was sitting in his back garden while his father was praying. Michael was depressed and sick of what his father was doing to him. To afraid to do anything to his father, he hung himself on the old tire swing rope, dieing almost instantly, from the drop of the tree. William reached the back garden to find Michael, hanging lifeless. Afraid of the situation, William untied the body immediately and hid it in the basement of their home in San Antonio. Mitch and Mary returned home to find a paranoid William, sitting on the couch deep in thought. Mary sensed something was wrong, and told Mitch to go upstairs and take his medication. Mary tried to comfort William, but when she asked him what was wrong he only got annoyed, and an arguement sparked. The arguement ended with William, punching Mary forcefully. Mary left the house and tried to find somewhere where she could be alone. Still angry, William charged upstairs to take his anger out on Mitch. The door swung open and William, saw Mitch on the bed sorting out his various medication. Mitch looked innocently up at William, as an infuriated look formed in Williams eye. William had no knowledge of Mitch's condition yet because Mary was too afraid to say anything. William immediately saw the needle and assumed the worst.
"Drugs!?" He exclaimed. "No son of mine will be a fucking Junkie!".
Mitch took a brutal beating from his father, barely clinging onto life. As he was laying on the floor, and William was brutally kicking Mitch in the stomach. Mitch experience his first uncontrollable rage. Mitch didn't know if it was his disorder or just pure anger but all he remembers, was an aggravated scream, before he blacked out. Within minutes, Mitch regained control of himself. Standing over William's lifeless body, savagely beaten bruised and cut. Mitch couldn't believe what he had done. He had murdered his own father, but Mitch didn't have time to think. Doctor Henry would be here soon. Mitch placed his fathers body in a black bin bag, and began to drag him down the old field, behind his backyard. He dragged him for around five minutes before reaching an old river, where he emptied the bag and dumped him. Mitch rushed him quickly, feeling sick and paranoid, looking behind his back every ten seconds. He reached home and waited for Henry to arrive. Henry never did arrive, Mitch waited for around an hour. When he began to think of Police getting involved and what his mother would stay. Being constantly lost in his imagination, he played out many situations in his head, which could happen if anyone found out what he had done. He packed up whatever he could and ran for the junkyard. When he reached the junkyard, the door was open. He rushed for his Harley Davidson, to find the engine already running. There was a note left there saying.
"Dear Kid, you've been working on that Harley for so long I decided to finally see about getting it running, and well here it is. You can drive it around the junkyard, but if anyone catches you on the road. You don't tell 'em I gave you it. From Marty"
Mitch slammed his foot down, on the starters clutch and began to get used to using, it driving it around the junkyard a few times. Mary opened the door, with a pistol loaded, and a scared look in her eye. Mary searched around the house, looking for William with the gun ready. Mary reluctantly opened the basement door, and gently crept down the stairwell. Mary used her left hand to cover her mouth as she stared at him. Michael, her son, laying there lifeless. She rushed over to him, desperately trying to wake him up, shaking him and calling his name. Mary broke down, screaming and crying before looking up at the crucifix, with a disturbed look in her eye. Mary slowly raised the loaded handgun placing it inside her mouth. Mary pulled the trigger and fell on top of her son, dead. Meanwhile Mitch was already on the road, riding away from his problems and wasted childhood. Henry Clein was arrested the same day, for distribution of Narcotics without a valid license. He was sentenced with Ten Years and died within four months. There was no remaining evidence of Mitch's life. Mitch Robertson never existed.

Wichita Era

Wichita, Kansas. Five Months later. Mitch stumbles of his bike approaching an old diner.
"What can I get ya'?" The young woman, at the counter says, while chewing on some gum.
"Ughh..." Mitch say's nervously, before reaching into his pocket and opens an old leather wallet. Mitch sighed while gazing down at the empty wallet.
"A Job if there's any available" Mitch nervously replied.
"We might need a new boy to wash the dishes, Hector just quit. Stick around' kid i'll be with you in a minute" The young woman rushed off to the kitchen, and Mitch headed over to the seat sitting down, while staring out the window at passing traffic. Mitch began to imagine various scenarios in his head. What if that gas tanker crashed into the diner? What would I do? Before he knew it, he was tapped on the shoulder, and turned round to see an old, decrepid man, staring down at him with a sincere smile on his face.
"How can I help you m'boy?" He said while shaking Mitch's hand firmly.
"I was looking for a job, ugh cleaning dishes? Nothing permanent just a temporary thing". Mitch replied while looking at his feet trying to avoid eye contact. Mitch didn't want to get tied down in a permanent job not yet anyway. He didn't know where he was running too. But it wasn't here.
"So you got a name youngin'?" He grunted, while smiling at him.
Mitch froze. He knew it should be as easy as saying Mitch. But he was scared. It was ridiculous but he didn't want to risk it.
"Jack." He said clearing his throat afterwards.
"Jack, alright well when can ye' get started?" The old man said with a more serious expression on his face, rubbing his chin.
"As soon as possible. Ugh what's the pay?" Mitch blurted out quickly, while looking at him.
"Pay hmmmm. I'll pay you Six dollars an hour. How does that sound?" He smirked artificially while, waiting for Mitch's response.
"Sure, I'll get started right away." Mitch, said while smirking slightly.
"Welcome to the crew kid" The woman chuckled while chewing on her gum, smiling at Mitch.
Mitch spent most of the day working. He hadn't met many girls in his life. But the girl who he spoke to. Wouldn't leave his mind. She kept catching him giving her cheeky looks while cleaning. She'd smirk back at him but he was always embarrassed and looked away immediately. She knew that he wasn't going to start conversation, so she waited until his shift ended, and invited him to sit with her. Mitch sat down nervously, looking at her before quickly looking away. She managed to get him talking, after around thirty minutes. They talked about many things. Beliefs, ambitions and many other things. Mitch never found any of the topics interesting. He just wanted her to like him. The question eventually came up though.
"So who old are you anyway?" She send with a slight smirk on her face.
Mitch didn't want to tell the truth, but he guessed she already knew it. "I'm fifteen" he blurted out again, avoiding eye contact.
"Fifteen!?" She exclaimed "You look older."
"How old are you?" He said nervously, staring at his food.
"Me? I'm eighteen." She said while inspecting Mitch's body language, sensing he was nervous. "Listen, you don't gotta be nervous. Ain't I friendly?"
Mitch smiled as she said that, looking her deep in the eyes. He had never been in a relationship with a girl before. He was naive and thought he was in love.
"So why don't we go back to my place?" She whispered, in his ear, leaning over the table.
Mitch let her ride, on the back of his bike as she directed him, to her apartment. Inside, they quickly begin to get more passionate. Before Mitch had sex for the first time in her apartment. Mitch woke up the next morning, feeling proud. For the first time in months, he wasn't worrying, or thinking about his condition. All he thought about was Cristina (The girl he'd slept with) and hoping she would wake up soon. He sat for a few hours, before he heard a loud knock, on the door. Cristina, woke up almost immediately.
"Shit!" she exclaimed, before swiftly getting up and getting dressed. "Hide in the bathroom."
Mitch ran towards the bathroom, before closing the door, and pressing his ear against the wall. Cristina opened the door, and some voices were heard.
"You got my cut this week?" A soft-spoken voice said.
"Listen, I was busy. I couldn't work lastnight" Cristina's voice, said in a harsh tone.
"You better get some work done tonight! I need that cash." The soft-spoken voice exclaimed.
Mitch heard the door close and Cristina, shouting "You can come out now!"
Mitch opened the bathroom door, looking at Cristina, with a confused look. "Who was that?"
"Oh no-one, just my boss." She said, while placing her left, hand onto her cheek.
"From the Diner?" Mitch said, while looking at her confused.
"No, No. I do some other work to get some uh extra cash." She said, while sighing.
"What do you do?" Mitch said curiously, while walking over to her.
"I'm ugh. I'm a prostitute alright!?" She shouted out, while nervously looking around.
Mitch should have left her there and then. But he didn't want to. This is the first girl he ever liked. The first girl who ever showed interest in him. "I don't care" He said, quickly while walking over to her and hugging her.
Mitch spent the next four years. In Wichita, moving from various different small time jobs. But after being introduced to Cristina's boss "He began to get interested in making money through crime." Afraid of lashing out again, he was getting supplied with medication off one of Cristina's "Boss's" friends. He began to create a steady group of friends among them. Occasionally doing small odd jobs for money. They were never organised just a bunch of crooks making small time money. He continued to see Cristina, but everytime she'd ask about his family, he would always avoid her as they slowly began to drift apart.. After an attempted robbery, the man who was dealing him pills, was gunned down. Mitch began to search on the streets for them. But it's hard to find anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication on the streets. Mitch went a few weeks without the pills. It was a friday night, and Cristina was going out to work. Mitch stopped her, and told her that, if she doesn't leave her job, he'll leave her. This soon turned into an arguement, before Cristina called him a "Freak" due to his disorder. Mitch felt it again, the sudden pressure, building up in his chest. The heavy breathing. Mitch tried to control it. But without his pills he couldn't help but lash out. Mitch picked up a near by lamp and smacked it across, Cristina's head. She hit the floor with impact. As he began to ram his foot into her skull, Screaming as he done so. Cristina stopped moving and the screaming stopped. Mitch dropped to the floor, placing his hands over his head crying, as he looked at the body. Thoughts were running through his head quicker than ever. "Again!" "What have you done!?" "This is all your fault! You MURDERER!" "Freak!" "Freak!" "Freak!". Mitch rushed for the front door, bursting out it and ran for the stairs. Mitch, forced himself to move down the stairs. Jumping down steps at a time. He burst out the backdoor, and began to sprint down the street as fast as he could. His heart was thumping hard through his chest. He continued without looking back, until he couldn't take another step. He collapsed inside an alleyway, before leaning forward and vomiting onto the ground. His life was rushing through his eyes at that moment, everything he done. All it was worth. It was worth nothing. His whole life was a string of mistakes. All because of his condition. The same thought running through his mind constantly. "Freak!". Mitch hit the floor, lying in his vomit. Passed out.
Mitch opened his eyes, looking at the sky, fumes passing over his face. He raises up slowly. Looking around him slowly. The alley looked a lot different at night. He checked himself swiftly, before sighing and falling back against the ground. Just as he thought. His wallet was gone. He sat and thought for a while. He wanted to give up there and then. He was in the same spot again. The same spot he had been before, as he looked at his fathers dead body. How did I end up here again? He asked himself. It was worse this time though. He had his excuses for his father. To keep him thinking he was normal. "It was self-defence". "He would of done the same to me". But not this time. This time it was different. This condition of his. This disorder. Would always stop him from having a normal life. Whatever he thought now, he wasn't ready to make a decision. The only thing he knew for sure was that as soon as the body was found people would be looking for "Jack McMillan". Cristina's "Boss" wouldn't say anything. Criminals like that tell the police nothing. That just left one person that knew about them being together. The old man at the diner. Mitch had one more chance at living a normal life. The old man was the only thing that stood in the way, he'd committed murder before and his conscious was far from clean. Mitch, looked at the diner from a distance. He was the only one inside, locking up for the night. Mitch pulled his black hoodie hood up and ran towards the door. He burst through the door and ran for him immediately. Mitch pulled the pocket knife from under his shirt, and lunged it into the man before he had a chance to run. The frail old man hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Mitch was out and on his bike in a matter of seconds. He'd made sure no camera's were around. It wasn't a main street why would there be camera's? He was certain he'd got away with it.

The Lost years

Mitch spent the next five years, travelling state to state on his old bike. Using multiple identities and never staying somewhere for too long. He stayed in Mullen (A rural town) in Nebraska for around a year. Where he developed a minor coke addiction. Before becoming clean in 2008. There wasn't a day Mitch never though about what he had done. The only thing keeping him going was his belief that everyone has a purpose and he would find his eventually.

Arriving in Los Santos

2011 Red County. Mitch was passing through Red County, when his old bike eventually gave in. He knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Mitch sighed as he violently kicked the Harley, attempting to get it started. But no such luck. Mitch stumbled into town, making his way around. Hoping to find a mechanic. Mitch had been walking around all day. And it was becoming night. He slowly made his way through Las Colinas trailer park. When a moonbeam pulls up beside him. Mitch reluctantly stopped to talk to them. When he looked inside he saw Kurt Mitchell, Donald Brack and Craig Nikifor. They greeted him and asked him if he was looking for something. He told them about his situation and they told him to swing by tomorrow, to see if they could help him. Before Kurt asked the question.
"What's your name?" Kurt shouted from inside the van.
Mitch was used to it now, but he'd saw their patches, seen them on TV. He decided to go for more of a nickname, than a name. Thoughts were rushing through his head quickly.
"Bones." He eventually said quietly.

Meeting the Khans
Bones was no stranger to sleeping on the streets, with no cash in had and his bike miles away that's what he decided to do. Before he went to sleep though, he had one thing to take care of. Pills. Mitch aimlessly wandered the streets of Idlewood, asking many different black gang members. They all were selling the same thing though "Weed and Coke". Untill he approached a curious Jadyn Williams. Jadyn didn't have the stuff but he knew a man who could get them. Mitch managed to squander up small ammounts of money, to pay for a tub of pills. And had them ready for the next morning. He didn't know about Los Santos. But the only thing he seems to have had in common with people is love of bikes. So maybe he'd fit in. The next morning Mitch began to search around, Las Colinas looking for the men he'd met the night before. He began to give up hope of finding them. He was ready to walk away. When he saw two men, sitting outside a house. These two men were later to be known as Worm and Jamie. Mitch approached, them as Worm (Craig Nikifor) greeted him. He was told to stick around and wait for someone with knowledge on fixing up bikes showed up. So he did. Mitch didn't seem to show much emotion. He'd made sure to take so many of his pills, he could barely feel any emotion running through him. But while waiting he realised something. He realised most of these people were like him. They'd all came from a rough background and had created there own family on one thing they loved. Riding bikes. The longer Bones stayed, the more people he met and the more he got along with people. For the first time in years he wasn't thinking about his past, he was thinking about the future. Later that night, Mitch had his first run in with the mongols. He had heard the Khans speak about them, but he knew he was about to come face to face with them. They arrived outside the mongols bar, in formation. Which Mitch was still getting used to. When mongols began to gather up on the other end of the street. Insults began to take place, each more brutal than the last before Mitch saw Worm, charge in with the rest of the Khans following him. A confused Mitch rushed in to help, swinging his fists, left and right trying to hit anyone he could. At first Mitch loved it. It was a great way to get out the anger he'd been holding up for so long. But then he realised the consequences too it. As Mitch, was fighting a mongol Prospect, approached him and slashed him down the forearm with a small pocket knife, and Mitch began to scream loudly. He managed to escape on the back of a member named Ancient's Bike. He was patched up in no time by one of the Khans Members, Kong. He knew staying with the khans was dangerous. But what in his Life hadn't been dangerous lately?. It was the first place he ever felt like he fitted in. The first place that ever felt like home. So he stayed.

Getting Patched

Every day was something new for Mitch. A new job to do, a new person to meet and a new bike. The Khans had provided Mitch with some cash to start himself off in Los Santos with, which he primarily used to buy himself a red Harley Davidson xl 883l sportster. Not everything was good, though. He found himself slowly feeling more sad at times more frustrating at times. Mitch was overloading his body with pills, more than double the ammount he should of been taking each day. He was so afraid, they'd think he was weird. Although he'd manage to control showing his emotions. He was still the paranoid nervous young man underneath. Mitch had made a name for himself around the Khans and it didn't go unnoticed. Not before too long, Mitch was handed a prospect vest and was loving every minute he was spending with the Khans. This continued for some time leading to Mitch eventually becoming a fully patched member of the Khans but inevitably the pills were beginning to take a negative effect.

Confessions and struggles

Mitch was beginning to resent taking his pills. Everything he done revolved around them. Due to a complete overdose for such a long time. His emotion's were being suppressed so much, they began to be almost not there. All he felt everyday, was a complete emptiness. Nothing would make him happy, sad, excited or even nervous anymore. It was just complete nothingness. After some advice from a friend at the time. He realised that the fear of having another rage, was better than feeling nothing at all. He wanted to be happy, sad and excited. He could get therapy. Handle the disorder on his own. He was flooded with hope. So he dumped the pills and moved on. Mitch felt fine for the first couple of days. A little anxious at times but nothing he couldn't handle. But on the fourth day it really hit him. Not only was he having more mood swings than ever. He had become so used to the pills a serious addiction had set in. His body wasn't functioning properly, his sleeping pattern was messed up. He was throwing up most things he ate. He felt like he was dying on the inside. One day he lost it at one of the Khans members. Lenny. And punched him off his bike. Mitch felt like going on an all out rage right there and then. But he didn't. He managed to control it. Mitch couldn't do anything but run. So he did. He didn't stop or look back until he was sure he was away. The Khans found him again, and tried to tackle him to the ground. They were only trying to help Mitch. When an officer confused it for a charge of assault. Four Khan members were arrested and Mitch went into hiding. The remaining Khans spent a while looking for Mitch until all giving up hope. Except one. PainKiller (The Road Captains) girlfriend, Crystal (Or Blaze as the crew called her). She would always ask "Any knews On Bones yet?" or "Has anyone found Bones yet?" but the responses were always the same.
Palamino Creek Train Station. A lonely Mitch sits, with his backpack against him and his hood up. He was waiting for a train. Waiting for a chance to escape and start again. Any Khan would want him dead for what he'd done. He was responsible for getting there members put in jail. Once again Mitch's mood swings set in. As he gets a sudden burst of inspiration.
"I have to fix this. I have to stop being a pussy for once and stop running from every little mistake I make in life and blaming it on this. This condition. I have to face my fears, instead of run over and over again." Mitch thought to himself. He ripped up his train ticket, and headed back for LS. Where he stayed at a friend Amy's for the night. The plan was to apologise in the morning.
The next morning, Mitch was desperate for pills. Searching the streets for anything he could find to cure the feeling. He managed to buy some lithium that he'd be able to inject. He then headed back to the clubhouse to get his vest. He made sure no-one was around before he entered. As he got into the bedroom. He felt the sudden urge again. He had to inject it now. Of course he bought it off the street, there was something wrong with this lithium. As Mitch injected himself he slowly felt himself drift, off. Completely passing out on the Bed.
Mitch woke up to a group of faces looking at him. All the Khans, but for some reason they never seemed annoyed. Only concerned for him. After he'd reassured them he was fine. He had to explain to Vieira the clubs treasurer what exactly was going on and exactly why he couldn't go to the hospital for treatment. Mitch managed to convince Vieira he could handle the condition on his own. But he never managed to fully convince himself.
Over the next few weeks, Mitch was even worse than before. He would never sleep at night and would pass during the day. His body was barely coping without the pills. People were beginning to get sick of Bones. His dismissive attitude. There was only one person who was always there trying to help him. Crystal. She would give him hope, stop him making mistakes and never get annoyed at him. Due to his condition. One night while Crystal was going to help him clean the house he had wrecked before in an act of rage. They kissed. It was an awkward moment for Bones because she was with the road captain of the Khans. If anyone was ever to find out he'd be dead. They managed to keep it secret, and no-one has found out so far.

Sgt. At Arms

Life went on normally for Mitch. He still hung around with the Khans. He even managed to earn himself the Sergeant At Arms patch. The part he hated though is that it was Painkiller (Crystal's Fiance) who gave him the promotion. Mitch and Crystal were still seeing each other regularly. Mitch always knew that he was betraying his friends, betraying his club but when he was with Crystal, he didn't care. She was the only thing that mattered to him, in his life of emptiness. This caused Mitch to stray further away from the club. He couldn't do his job right, everyone knew it. He would be asked to kill but he couldn't. He thought it would be easy, he's done it before but he was wrong. Each time got inevitably harder for Mitch. The whole club was noticing it, everyone knew he wasn't acting normal. Wasn't doing what a sergeant should do but he didn't care. When he found out that Painkiller proposed to Crystal, it only made him worse. That's when the drinking started. You would rarely see Mitch without a bottle in his hand. The only good thing is that Mitch had been off his pills for over a month now. He was adapting, slowly but drinking stopped that. Crystal knew there was a problem and found Mitch out in the abandoned hills behind Las Colinas, just thinking. She realised she had some explaining to do, at they sat down and talked for a while. Crystal explained that she didn't want to marry Painkiller, only that she was too afraid to say "No" . Afraid of death. Mitch just listened for a bit. He could understand where she was coming from but just didn't want to believe her, especially with the alcohol in him. He ended up storming out in anger and left Crystal alone. For the next few days they didn't speak at all.


Reptile (Khans MC member and Mitch's close friend) knew about Mitch and Crystal. Mitch had told him once in a drunken night out. Reptile felt horrible about lying to Painkiller, but agreed to tell no-one because he didn't want to see Mitch dead. Although Reptile agreed he had alterier plans that he didn't tell Mitch. Reptile knew this would get Mitch killed and knew he had to end it. Since it was no use talking to Mitch, he went after Crystal. Not to talk her out of it but to scare her ou of it. Mitch was walking up to the clubhouse, when he he see's Reptile thow Crystal against a wall and place a gun to her stomach. Mitch had no idea what was going on and he lost it. He ran over towards Reptile pushing him to the floor and they began to fight. The fight went on for a few seconds before Mitch stuck his knee in Reptile's crotch, stood up and began to violently stomp on him. Mitch had lost it again he knew without pills this would happen. He knew this would end badly the moment he came to his senses. He knew that this time it was gonna be bad.

Vieira (The Khans treasurer) approached the clubhouse to see Mitch standing over a helpless Reptile. Stomping on his head while screaming "DON'T!" "EVER!" "TOUCH!" "HER!" "AGAIN!" . Vieira runs over in time and a group of Khans grab onto Mitch pulling him back off of Reptile. Reptile is lying hurt and helpless. Another small group of Khans check if he's alright. Reptile manages to raise himself to his feet. Mitch could see the anger, pain and dissapointment in his face. Reptile reached down for his gun and raised. He left off one shot that hit Mitch in the ankle before running for his bike. With a group of Khans chasing him, Reptile fled. It was time for Vieira and Mitch to have another talk.


Mitch had become an outcast of the club, when he walked by he could see people giving him looks, whispering about him. Many people openly confronted him about it but that was always the people that hated him the most. He had developed a certain rivalry with Kenneith (Reptile's Son) and Kong (Khans MC Veteran) . The rivalry with Kong had been going on long beforehand though. Kong was always jealous that Mitch got the Sergeant position and Kong never. Kong always felt he deserved the position and would always tell Mitch how bad a job he was doing as Sergeant. Mitch didn't care to much though, he had bigger problems on his mind. Like what Reptile was going to do next.

One night, Painkiller called a meeting. Painkiller had suscpisions that Crystal was sneaking around behind his back but never had any proof. All the members arrive including Mitch. Painkiller arrives with Reptile and a toolbox. Mitch had a gut feeling to leave right there and then but he never. Painkiller started off the meeting by having a discussion about loyalty. He then looked at Mitch. Mitch was ready to run before three prospects surounded him and began to tie him to the chair he was sitting on. Mitch didn't know if it was Reptile that told him or he found out another way and frankly he didn't care. Painkller reaches into the toolbox, pulling out a pair of Pliers. "Now Bones, You were seen with someone behind the clubhouse a few weeks ago. I need you to tell me who it was" Painkiller said with a grim expression on his face. "I don't know what your talking about, it could be anybody" Mitch replies hesitantly. Painkiller places the pliers along one of Mitch's fingernails and bends it back snapping it off "Wrong Answer" . Painkiller proceeded with the torcher as Worm (The Khans Secretary) Phoned up Amy. A girl they believed Mitch was seeing at the time. "If you wish to see Bones alive, come to the Khans Clubhouse" Worm said briefly on the phone. Mitch didn't think she would turn up, and he knew he couldn't last like this much longer. "You were seen intimate with Someone Bones. WHO WAS IT!?" Painkiller barked in Mitch's ear. "Please PK, I have no ide who your talking about I swear" Mitch screamed back as he tried to hold in his pain. "Wrong answer".

Amy sits there, contemplating her plan. She reaches for the phone and calls Jack Verve. She tells him that her and her friend are in trouble. They're going to be killed at the Khans Clubhouse. She then leaves for the clubhouse.

Worm opens the door briefly, allowing Amy to walk into the living room where she see's Mitch tied to a chair, screaming in pain as he gets another fingernail torn off. Reptile quickly grabs Amy throwing her to the floor. "If you don't tell us. She dies Bones." Reptile said briefly. "I swear I don't know! I SWEAR!" Mitch screams again. Reptile drags Amy up the stairs and into the bedroom. "I'll give you a clue! SHE'S PREGNANT!" Painkiller screams in Mitch's ear, as he tears another fingernail off. Mitch screams in pain. He couldn't take anymore, they would kill him anyway and he just needed it to stop. "IT WAS BLAZE OK! IT WAS BLAZE! I KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT. JUST STOP PLEASE!" (Blaze was Crystals nickname among the Khans) . Painkiller falls back slightly, covering his head with his hands. "I'm gona kill him" Painkiller says lowly to himself. "I'm GONNA KILL HIM!" He Exclaims as he pounces up charging towards Mitch. Worm grabs onto Painkiller trying to hold him back as Mitch fears for his life. The shouting raises and raises untill Mitch can't hear anyones saying and then.....

"LSPD! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" The S.W.A.T. team leader says as he charges into the clubhouse with his team behind him. Four make there way into the living room. The other two are in the hall when they see, Reptile come out with his gun and start shooting. Gunshots are heard and Reptile's body hits the floor. The S.W.A.T. begin to cuff each Khan. "He's a fucking rat!" Kong shouts loudly. "Your dead Bones, you hear me!? DEAD!".

Mitch and Amy, make there way out of the clubhouse and head to Amy's house. They get in her Bullet and begin to drive. They discussed what Mitch would do now. Where he would go. Mitch couldn't leave LS though. Not without Crystal. He stayed in a hotel in San Fierro for the night, just thinking about what he would do now.

On the run

Mitch woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. He reaches over a picks it up. Crystal asks him what happened. Before she tries to convince Mitch to leave LS forever with her and Painkillers child. Mitch told her he'd call her back cause he was leaving the hotel and hung up. Mitch wasn't leaving the hotel he just needed time to think.

Later that day Painkiller opens a letter from Crystal. Which says "How could you do that to Bones without even hearing his side of the story? It's made me realise that you would kill people without even thinking twice. That's not the kind of man that I want as a father of my child. That's not the kind of man that should be a father. So I'm gonna leave for good. Our son will live a good life, I promise you that."

Mitch slowly makes his way up the Market Station stairs, contemplating everything that had happened and what he would do next. He hated himself for what he had done but there was no turning back now. Mitch continues to walk down the street, passing by Mongol Nation. For once Mitch had time to make his decision and so he did. He loved Crystal but running away with PainKillers child. He knew it was wrong, he knew what would happen to PK if he had lost his child. What would happen to any father who lost his child. It would destroy him and that was the last thing Bones wanted to do.

Mitch's brain played games with him, constantly. He kept dreaming of being lying in dirt, when he started to vomit maggots and cockroaches, when he then realised he was buried and couldn't escape. The cockroaches crawled over him and biting into his skin and all he could do was accept it. Then there was the other dream of him being in a straight-jacket, blackness around him. Whenever he tried to run he would hit walls that weren't there, stuck only with his thoughts. Then his dream of him ontop of SAN tower. Painkiller is watching him, holding his baby in his arms. Mitch is forced to move closer to the edge, his brain is telling him no but his body is forcing him to move forward. He stands on the edge, facing down towards his fate. He stretches his arms out wide and despite his struggle he falls forward. Then his final dream, whenever he had spent the night with Crystal, he would dream of being in a house. Sketching out plans for a building on a drawing board. He looks up to see Crystal playing with Payton who seems around eight years old, in the garden. He smiles softly when she notices him and smiles back. He tries to stand up, to go play with them but he can't and then he wakes up.

Mitch knew he was a dead man, the Khans would finally expose him for the little freak he is and give him what he deserves. He would die alone for his mistakes, for his betrayal. But Crystal needed him, and he needed her. He was already a dead man but if he could, just maybe escape. If he could live the last dream, just for a day he would be happy. He would do anything he could to do so. It was time to meet Crystal.

Mitch met Crystal at the end of the empty pier, she hugged him when she saw him and was relieved he was alive. She asked him to run away with him. Then she made another proposal. She said "The Khans don't care about us Bones, the minute someone makes a mistake they're willing to kill them. They're cold blooded murderers. I know some guys in the PD, if we snitch on the Khans it might give us enough time to escape. Mitch didn't want to snitch on his brothers, one of the things he swore to never do when he joined the Khans but the Look in Crystal's eye reminded him of his dream. The Khans were gonna kill him either way, he followed Crystal and done what she asked. Mitch hated himself for what he had done but there was no turning back now. There was only two things left to do, Crystal was already nine months along. It would only be a few days before the baby was born, they just had to wait it out 'till then. Then there was Reptile's funeral. Despite his mistakes Bones and Reptile were always friends and he felt that he had to pay his respects. The Khans wouldn't try anything at a brothers funeral and if anything they would respect him for showing up.

Reptile's funeral

Mitch stood facing the mirror as he adjusted his tie. He looked like shit but there wasn't a day he didn't lately. Kong knew Mitch was planning on showing up to the funeral. Kong phoned Mitch earlier that day and despite there differences tried to be as nice as possible to Bones. He warned Bones that Kenneith (Reptile's son) blamed Reptile's death on Bones. He told Bones that Kenneith was out for his blood. Kong didn't want Bones to show but Bones explained that he had to pay his respects. Kong said if Bones did show up he'd try and keep Kenneith away from him, for Reptiles sake. It was probably the first Civil conversation they'd had in a long time but no-one was looking to start a fight on this day.

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