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The sound of the iron gates opening, alongside a general sound of footsteps resounded through the prison's hallways shook Alex from his daydreaming.He stood up from the cold,metallic chair, arranged his shirt, patting his utility belt, checking if his Makarov and nitestick were in their positions.
Escorting the inmates for their yard time, he met his friend and colleague, Igor.
"Zdarova, Alex.How was the shift?"
"All good, Igor, you said you wanted to talk to me after this shift?"
Three hours later, he slinged his filled with dirty clothes camo bag over his shoulder, and as he pushed the metal door open, the fresh Petrograd morning air made him shiver a bit.
Igor was waiting him, leaned against his bike.
"Alex, over here!"signaled Igor.
"Da, what was that you wanted to say earlier?"
Igor flicked his Sobranie cigarette into a nearby sewer, as he watched it disappear with a slight hissing sound.
"You know I'm riding with those OGPU guys, ex-prison guards, right?"
"Yeah, I know some of them"
"Look, tomorrow I'm putting my quitting paper on the principal's office.And I'm joining those bikers.But there's one rule:you gotta come in pairs, like brothers.No lone riders are allowed.And I want you to join me."
"And why me, Igor? I'm working here for ten years, I like the payment, and all that."
"I know that deep inside, you hate the system.And those guys have exactly what you're looking for.Besides that, you got an Ural, and you're the only one who can beat three inmates with a Vodka bottle"
Alex exhaled deeply as he shaked his head, looking around.
"Alright, Igor, I hope you're serious about this"
Igor grinned, as he leaned over the bike, popping the saddle-bag open, withdrawing a leather jacket, throwing it to Alex, motioning him to put it on.
Alex did so, as he climbed on his Ural hog.
"Initiation is tomorrow, 7PM, Alex"
Alex nodded firmly, twisting the handlebars, taking off a nearby street.

A row of bikes was aligned near the Petrograd water plant, as Alex and Igor arrived, parking the engines near the others.
Igor went to the Sergeant at Arms there, telling him about Alex, introducing him to the other bikers.
Alex couldn't help, but to notice each hog had a shovel clinging from the saddlebag.
"Eh, you wondering what the shovels are for, right?"said one of the patched member, as he approached Alex.
He just shrugged, slightly nodding his head.
"They are our symbol.And they're a part of the initiation, new guy.Follow me."said the biker(His name was Lev, and he was the Vice-President of the charter) as he led Alex into a dark storage room.Rows of shovels, vests and flags were covering the room, leaving the impression of an arsenal, nothing less.
"Pick your shovel, Alex, it'll be your wingman"
Alex rummaged through the shelves, finally resting his hand on a short Spetsnaz shovel, sturdy oak handle.
"Interesting choice.Alright we don't have much time. In the next room, is your opponent, you gotta slay him for the club."
Ruskie wasn't much of a talker, so he entered the room, only to find Igor charging towards him, holding a weapon of the same, probably following the same orders.
But it was useless, Igor kept charging , Alex stood there defending himself telling him to stop, until two bikers, wearing their black and red cuts, entered the room, unholstered their Makarovs, spraying Igor's body with bullets.
Alex stood there as the now corpse rolled on the floor, his eyes still filled with rage.
One of the bikers grabbed Alex's collar, ripping his vest off.
"Think about it, Alex..."said Lev as he reached for his backpack, taking a vest, handing it to Alex."There you go, brother, we need men like you".
Alex was speechless, on one hand, he was excited with the MC invite, on the other hand, he was intrigued.
Would Igor kill him for a vest?It seemed so.But those bikers were more than that.They had honour

Alex weighed the shovel in his hands, still shocked from the latest events.
"Alex, let's go, saddle up."said Lev as he patted the new OGPU member.
Alex quickly attached the shovel to the saddlebag as he shrugged, climbing on his hog, twisting the handlebars, following the formation.
Years passed as Alex gained respect and power inside the MC.By now he was a Sergeant at Arms.
One day, as he returned from the fishing pier, he noticed a strange silence coming from the clubhouse, a place that always hummed.
He swinged the door open just to find a dozen of cops arresting the MC members, but that wasn't all, he saw Lev dead.The sight of the vice-president enraged and placed a burden on his shoulders, he had to take Lev's spot.But for the time, he had to run from the Petrograd police.
The words slapped Alex as he unholstered a flash grenade, throwing it as he fleed through the door.The explosion sound was covered by the roar of his Ural.
He knew he had to leave the country.MC members were always pulled over by random police cars, so he headed for his house, stuffed some bills in his pocket and packed some clothes.
He had in mind to head to the MC convention in Berlin.
There he and his Ural drew the attention of two bikers, Albert Koehler, a recidivist and Blake Harris, the classic tea Brit.
They sort of formed a band, they always sticked together.As both Blake and Albert were headed towards the States, and as Alex was a runaway, he followed them with a shrug.
The three bikes were parked in Idlewood, with their respective owners yapping around.
"Of course, Ruskie, the Capitalism is way lower than the Communism, right Blake?"Blake laughed as he noticed another hog approaching them.
The Triumph stopped with a hiss as his owner dismounted, approaching the trio.
"Oi, I'm Corey , I saw the three of ye stick together.I need some members for the Renegades Los Santos charter.I saw ye are familliar with the MC world.What do ye say, eh?"
To be continued

Ruskie stepped forward, being the oldest.
"Alright, mate, we're in."Albert and Blake nodded firmly, and after they got their cuts, they started to develop connections and brawled another MC that claimed their town, palomino, the Mongols.Months passed, Ruskie was promoted to his old OGPU rank, the one of a sergeant, but the life of this charter wasn't going well.Two months later, Albert was taking big doses of Xanax, and even with Ruskie's medic training, that saved Corey's life twice, nothing could be done.
Ruskie found his wingman dead one morning, with a bullet in his head, Xanax pills all over the room.
If there was a point weak for Ruskie, that was losing his brothers.Igor, and now Albert.Five hours later, a formation of bikes roared at the entrance of the graveyard.The engines hummed and roared for the death of a brother.
Ruskie wasn't over the death of his wingman, when Blake was diagnosed with lung cancer, and moved to Britain.
The club was disbanding under his very own eyes.
Still, he carried a burden.The burden of the OGPU brothers that now were inmates.
The Renegades were gone, but Ruskie and three of his brothers moved to the Khans MC, a local known biker club.Their code of honour, their pride made Ruskie confortable with the patchover.
Soon, he was a brother between them, establishing friendships and relations within the club.
But the OGPU burden still weighed.

Alexander Zakarov:
-manager and chief mechanic of the Freewheel garage.
-ALS certificated medic
-ex OGPU guard.

After a long stay within the Khans, it was time for Ruskie to go back home.It was time for him to get the OGPU back on its feet.

---08 A.M. Sixth of May, 2011.Suburbs of Petrograd.---
Ruskie leaned against his bike, peering up and down the road.Many thoughts crossed his mind.Will the old members gather under his flag?Will he be able to maintain his iron grip onto the club?
These thoughts quickly faded away as a thundering roar echoed from a nearby street.Three bikes, displayed into an arrow formation, approached Ruskie, slowing down, before parking near him.
Ruskie couldn't help but grin.His favourite trio, Igor, Pavel and Dmitri were there, back under his command.
"There's the faggot that got away from the KGB, hah!"
"Fuck you, Igor, I did my time in LS."
The other two held their mouths closed, displaying a rather sad face.
"The hell is with you two, you look like two Urals underwater."
"Eh, Sarge, about your retaliation against the Red Flags...."
Ruskie's face crumpled, his gaze shifting between the three individuals.
"Yeah, what about it, you were supposed to gather all the membe-..."
"The Flags brought two charters here.They knew you were coming."
"GOD FORBID!I don't fucking care if they bring the fucking Hells Angels, go sound the round-up."
Ruskie eyed the four bikes, lined up.Each of them had a shovel attached.
"Petrograd will fear the Shovels once more".

-to be continued-

The cold, wet breeze that could be felt all around the Petrograd Docks annoyed Ruskie.He couldn't help but curse as the Ural's engine started, shaking.Ruskie strapped his helmet, adjusted the vest and went forward.He passed by the suburbs area, only to be honked and then followed by several hogs.Each of them carried a shovel.
As Ruskie passed the Red Flags compound, orders were yelled, making the OGPU riders grin.
"Trapped mice.That's what those scumbags are."

---03:40 AM.Red Flags compound---
The OGPU Prospects cut the barbed wire surrounding the compound, entering the yard through various gaps.Everyone knew their role.Several seconds later, the lights in the main building were off.The sound of shattered glass echoed into the night.
"Molotovs in every room!".Ruskie barked the order.However, the Red Flags woke up in time, or that's what they thought at the time.The fire already trapped the inhabitants of the upper levels when the first Red Flag member trampled through the front door.He was met with a Nagan bullet to his forehead.Ruskie laughed , as he twirled the revolver around his index finger.
"Shoot the rest of them like dogs."
The other members nodded.
---Half an hour later, outskirts of Petrograd---
"Good job, bratans.That's what low-lifes get"
A general laugh ended Ruskie's statement, before the group spread, each of the OGPU riders taking off on the surrounding streets.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
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