Gregori "Bone" Ivanov.

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Gregori "Bone" Ivanov. Empty Gregori "Bone" Ivanov.

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Gregori "Bone" Ivanov. Nweplu
- Name: Gregori.
- Lastname: Ivanov.
- Alias: Greg'/Bone.
- Age: 23
- Religion: Monotheistic.
- Ethnicity: Russian.
- Place of birth: Russia/Moscow.
- Sex: Male.
- Marital status: Single.
- Languages: Russian, English.
- Current residence: Unity station complex.
- Relatives:
- Mother- Rachel Bendavid Ivanov.-Dead.
- Father- Anton Ivanov- Dead.
- Brother- Alex Ivanov- Alive.
- Education: Graduated.
- Eyes color: Blue.
- Hair style: Shaved.
- Hair color: Brown.
- Dominant hand: Right.

- Affiliation: Wearing a black leather vest with red patches on it: [KHANS][WARRIOR][9%][**PUNK SKULL**][MC].
- Occupation: Usually bartending at the Caligula casino.
- Arrest record:
- 2011 October- Assaulted an officer, vandalism.
- 2012 November- Attempt murder.

- Likes: Hard rock music/metal, harley motorbikes, friends/family good looking girls.
- Diclikes: Law enforcement, skateboards, Ice skates, emotional movies spiders.
- Respects: Everyone who repects him/care about him.
- Favorite Food: Spaghetti with meatballs, Hamburgers.
- Favorite Drink: Corona beer, Icetea.
- Tracebook page:

- Appearance:
- Height: 5'7 feet tall.
- Weight: 165 lbs.
- Tattoos: "Only God Can Judge Me" on the bottom part of his left arm.
- Build: Muscular body.
- Clothing: A black leather vest with red patches on it [KHANS][WARRIOR][9%][**PUNK SKULL**][MC], black jeans with a silver chains showing out from above his left  pocket ending in his belt, white shoes with a nike sign.
- Accent: Russian accent.

Background story:

Gregori "Bone" Ivanov. 14mqkhv

Gregori was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. When Gregori was 10 his parents died so his uncle moved him out of Moscow to Los Santos.
As Gregori and his uncle settled in Los Santos, his uncle enrolled him into school but Gregori couldn't manage to find friends there. After few months alone, Gregori didn't know what to do, so he decided to try and talk with few children from his class, finally he found few boys to play with. Thereafter, his school time went well and better than expected.
Few years later when he was twelve years old, he went to high school and few bullies were picking on him every day.
so one day Gregori couldn't take it anymore and when they came to hit him, he lifted an iron pipe and he started to attack them with it. everyone were afraid of him they thought he's crazy so no one tried to mess with him and everyone wanted to be his friends. well, the years pass by and Gregori graduated school.
After his graduation Gregori decided to move back to Moscow and so he did, and when he reached to his 20th birthday he got his motorbike licenses.
Two years later Gregori’s uncle Roman died from cancer, so he returned to los Santos to Roman's funeral.
After the funeral some lawyer contacted Gregori and he found out that Roman wrote in his will: "After I'll leave this world, I'd like to give my house and my entire money to my nephew Gregori ".
Gregori decided to stay in Los Santos, and suddenly he started to hang out with a biker gang, and today he's a part of them.
- Vehicle/s:

Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide custom 2012((Freeway)).

Gregori "Bone" Ivanov. HARLEY-DAVIDSON-CVO-Road-Glide-Custom-2012-1

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