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Alexander "Ruskie" Zakarov

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--BORN 1962.
1982-1993-worked as a prison guard at the max security OGPU prison.
1993-left his job in order to join the OGPU MC and the Spetsnaz(due to various recommendations)
1999-last mission within the Spetsnaz(dagestan war)
2001-left Petrograd for America due to club issues. arms in the Renegades Mc.
2009-patched over to the khans mc.

The sound of the iron gates opening, alongside a general sound of footsteps resounded through the prison's hallways shook Alex from his daydreaming.He stood up from the cold,metallic chair, arranged his shirt, patting his utility belt, checking if his Makarov and nitestick were in their positions.
Escorting the inmates for their yard time, he met his friend and colleague, Igor.
"Zdarova, Alex.How was the shift?"
"All good, Igor, you said you wanted to talk to me after this shift?"
Three hours later, he slinged his filled with dirty clothes camo bag over his shoulder, and as he pushed the metal door open, the fresh Petrograd morning air made him shiver a bit.
Igor was waiting him, leaned against his bike.
"Alex, over here!"signaled Igor.
"Da, what was that you wanted to say earlier?"
Igor flicked his Sobranie cigarette into a nearby sewer, as he watched it disappear with a slight hissing sound.
"You know I'm riding with those OGPU guys, ex-prison guards, right?"
"Yeah, I know some of them, why for."
"Look, tomorrow I'm putting my quitting paper on the principal's office.And I'm joining those bikers because they embody the things I believe in.But there's one rule:you gotta come in pairs, like brothers.No lone riders are allowed.And I want you to join me."
"And why me, Igor? I'm working here for ten years, I like the payment, and all that."
"I know that deep inside, you hate the system, for what it has done to your country..And those guys have exactly what you're looking for.Besides that, you got an Ural, and you're the only one who can beat three inmates with a Vodka bottle"
Alex exhaled deeply as he shaked his head, looking around.
"Alright, Igor, I hope you're serious about this"
Igor grinned, as he leaned over the bike, popping the saddle-bag open, withdrawing a leather jacket, throwing it to Alex, motioning him to put it on.
Alex did so, as he climbed on his Ural hog.
"Initiation is tomorrow, 7PM, Alex"
Alex nodded firmly, twisting the handlebars, taking off a nearby street.

The next day- 06:47 AM.Petrograd Water Plant.

A row of bikes was aligned near the Petrograd water plant, as Alex and Igor arrived, parking the engines near the others.
Igor went to the Sergeant at Arms there, telling him about Alex, introducing him to the other bikers.
Alex couldn't help, but to notice each hog had a shovel clinging from the saddlebag.
"Eh, you wondering what the shovels are for, right?"said one of the patched member, as he approached Alex, noticing his intrigued looks upon the shovels.
Alex just shrugged, slightly nodding his head.
"They are our symbol.And they're a part of the initiation, new guy.Follow me."said the biker(His name was Lev, and he was the Vice-President of the charter) as he led Alex into a dark storage room.Rows of shovels, vests and flags were covering the room, leaving the impression of an arsenal, nothing less.
"Pick your shovel, Alex, it'll be your wingman"
Alex looked dazed for a brief second, but then he thought of himself, that these bikers could give him a new path in life.A free one.He rummaged through the shelves, finally resting his hand on a short Spetsnaz shovel, with a sturdy oak handle.
"Interesting choice.Alright we don't have much time.For the initiation, we catched a snitch last night, he is the next room.If you got the balls to join us, you'll beat him without even blinking.
Ruskie wasn't much of a talker, so he entered the room, only to find another man towards him, holding a weapon of the same, probably following the same orders.It wasn't long until Alex figured out who he was.
But it was useless, Igor kept charging , Alex stood there defending himself telling him to stop, until two bikers, wearing their black and red cuts, entered the room, unholstered their Makarovs, spraying Igor's body with bullets.
Alex stood there as the now corpse rolled on the floor, his eyes still filled with rage.
One of the bikers grabbed Alex's collar, ripping his vest off.
"Think about it, Alex..."said Lev as he reached for his backpack, taking a vest, handing it to Alex."There you go, brother, we need men like you.We need men that know to put their own brain at work when they are given an order."
Alex was speechless, on one hand, he was excited with the MC invite, on the other hand, he was intrigued.
Would Igor kill him for a vest?It seemed so.But those bikers were more than that.They had honour, something that appealed Alex.

1996-October 5th.

Years passed as Alex gained respect and power inside the MC.By now he was a Sergeant at Arms.
One day, as he returned from the fishing pier, he noticed a strange silence coming from the clubhouse, a place that always hummed.
He swinged the door open just to find a dozen of cops arresting the MC members, but that wasn't all, he saw Lev dead.Time froze for a moment.The sight of the vice-president enraged and placed a burden on his shoulders, he had to take Lev's spot.But for the time, he had to run from the Petrograd police.
The words slapped Alex.He was always armed like he was going to war, so acting like a puppet, without thinking, he unholstered a flash grenade, throwing it as he fled through the door.The explosion sound was covered by the roar of his Ural.
He knew he had to leave the country.MC members were always pulled over by random police cars, so he headed for his house, stuffed some bills in his pocket and packed some clothes.
He had in mind to head to the MC convention in Berlin.
There he and his Ural drew the attention of two bikers, Albert Koehler, a recidivist and Blake Harris, the classic tea Brit.
They sort of formed a band, they always sticked together.As both Blake and Albert were headed towards the States, and as Alex was a runaway, he followed them with a shrug.
Los Santos-Three months later.Idlewood.
The three bikes were parked in Idlewood, with their respective owners yapping around.
"Of course, Ruskie, the Capitalism is way lower than the Communism, right Blake?"Blake laughed as he noticed another hog approaching them.
The Triumph stopped with a hiss as his owner dismounted, approaching the trio.
"Oi, I'm Corey , I saw the three of ye stick together.I was told that you guys are here to help me with the Los Santos charter of the Renegades MC..I saw ye are familliar with the MC world.What do ye say, eh?"
Ruskie stepped forward, being the oldest.
"Alright, mate, we're in."Albert and Blake nodded firmly, and after some time, they got their cuts.Developing connections, establishing alliances and declaring war was now a daily thing for this MC.Months passed, Ruskie was promoted to his old OGPU rank, the one of a sergeant, but the life of this charter wasn't going well.Two months later, Albert was taking big doses of Xanax, and even with Ruskie's medic training, that saved Corey's life twice, nothing could be done.
Ruskie found his wingman dead one morning, with a bullet in his head, Xanax pills all over the room.
If there was a point weak for Ruskie, that was losing his brothers.Igor, and now Albert.Five hours later, a formation of bikes roared at the entrance of the graveyard.The engines hummed and roared for the death of a brother.
Ruskie wasn't over the death of his wingman, when Blake was diagnosed with lung cancer, and moved to Britain.
The club was disbanding under his very own eyes.
Still, he carried a burden.The burden of the OGPU brothers that now were inmates.
The Renegades were gone, but Ruskie and three of his brothers moved to the Khans MC, a local known biker club.Their code of honour, their pride made Ruskie confortable with the patchover.
Soon, he was a brother between them, establishing friendships and relations within the club.
But the OGPU burden still weighed.

Revival of the Shovels.
After a long stay within the Khans, it was time for Ruskie to go back home.It was time for him to get the OGPU back on its feet.

---08 A.M. Sixth of May, 2011.Suburbs of Petrograd.---
Ruskie leaned against his bike, peering up and down the road.Many thoughts crossed his mind.Will the old members gather under his flag?Will he be able to maintain his iron grip onto the club?
These thoughts quickly faded away as a thundering roar echoed from a nearby street.Three bikes, displayed into an arrow formation, approached Ruskie, slowing down, before parking near him.
Ruskie couldn't help but grin.His favourite trio, Greg, Pavel and Dmitri were there, back under his command.
"There's the faggot that got away from the KGB, hah!"
"Fuck you, Greg, I did my time in LS."
The other two held their mouths closed, displaying a rather sad face.
"The hell is with you two, you look like two Urals underwater."
"Eh, Sarge, about your retaliation against the Red Flags...."
Ruskie's face crumpled, his gaze shifting between the three individuals.
"Yeah, what about it, you were supposed to gather all the membe-..."
"The Flags brought two charters here.They knew you were coming."
"GOD FORBID!I don't fucking care if they bring the fucking Hells Angels, go sound the round-up."
Ruskie eyed the four bikes, lined up.Each of them had a shovel attached.
"Petrograd will fear the Shovels once more".
The next day...
The cold, wet breeze that could be felt all around the Petrograd Docks annoyed Ruskie.He couldn't help but curse as the Ural's engine started, shaking.Ruskie strapped his helmet, adjusted the vest and went forward.He passed by the suburbs area, only to be honked and then followed by several hogs.Each of them carried a shovel.
As Ruskie passed the Red Flags compound, orders were yelled, making the OGPU riders grin.
"Trapped mice.That's what those scumbags are."

---03:40 AM.Red Flags compound---
The OGPU Prospects cut the barbed wire surrounding the compound, entering the yard through various gaps.Everyone knew their role.Several seconds later, the lights in the main building were off.The sound of shattered glass echoed into the night.
"Molotovs in every room!".Ruskie barked the order.However, the Red Flags woke up in time, or that's what they thought at the time.The fire already trapped the inhabitants of the upper levels when the first Red Flag member trampled through the front door.He was met with a Nagan bullet to his forehead.Ruskie laughed , as he twirled the revolver around his index finger.
"Shoot the rest of them like dogs."
The other members nodded, spraying each body that came out of the building with bullets.It didn't matter if it was still dead.Ruskie and his men had to finally establish Petrograd as the OGPU teritory.
---Half an hour later, outskirts of Petrograd---
"Good job, bratans.That's what low-lifes get"
A general laugh ended Ruskie's statement, before the group spread, each of the OGPU riders taking off on the surrounding streets.

The invasion of Dagestan,[3] also known as the War in Dagestan[4] and Dagestan War,[5] began on August 7, 1999, when the Chechnya-based Islamic International Brigade (IIB), an Islamist militia led by warlords Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab, invaded the neighbouring Russian republic of Dagestan in support of the Shura of Dagestan separatist movement. The war ended with a major Russian victory and the retreat of the IIB

The war between the IIB and the Russian forces was obviously going to be won by the Russian side.Yet, the guerilla IIB forces held their line and managed to strike some fear in different regions of the Russian teritory.However,Russian forces continued operations to mop up resistance. On the night of September 4, as the Russian Army was wiping out the last bastions of resistance in the Kadar region, Ruskie's squad was deployed near Buynaksk, the last IIB "fortress".
The six men touched the ground without being spotted.The Antonov silent bomber was worth its money.Even Anatoli couldn't hear it, and he was the squad's sniper.
The squad quickly gathered their parachutes and buried them within minutes.Not a word was exchanged during this time, they all were focused on their current action.
"Anatoli, you see any guards or any movements at the entrance?"
"Njet, sarge, not at all, the city's silent as hell."
"I hope you're right, I don't want to leave my bones here, it's my last mission before I'm retiring."
The sound of a door opening at a balcony nearby ended the conversation.A masked man, holding the usual AK-47 yelled:
"Anyone there?"
The man tried to distinguish through the pitch black night, squinting his eyes.To no avail, though, as the squad already was crawling, using the low walls and houses as cover.As they reached the town's market, everything was silent.The squad set up positions, as Leka tried to contact the ground operation support.
"White-two-zero, this is Shovel-three-three.We are requesting confirmation on our mission.We reached the town center, no opposition.Awaiting orders."
"Shovel-three-three, this is White-two-zero, you should have encountered hostile presence already.You are the spearhead of this operation, and our intel says there are heavy-weaponry and even some mechanized units inside that town.Recheck your location."
"Got it, White-two-zero.Over and out."

Leka sighed, as he looked towards Ruskie.
"What do we do, Sarge?"
Ruskie adjusted his helmet, as he looked around, his finger on the trigger.
"Footsteps, I hear footsteps.Take cover."
Anatoli was right, once again, the wind carried the sound of footsteps from more than 20 meters.A three man patrol was approaching them.
Every man took cover as best as he could, sweat running down their fingers.They waited for Ruskie's signal.His hand was raised, a bit shaking.
But the signal never happened, Ruskie never dropped his hand.The patrol stopped five meters from the squad's location, and reached for their flashlights, shining a bright beam over the town's market.
The Russians were spotted, one of the IIB resistance members yelled a couple of words, and within minutes, several doors opened, 7.62 bullets raining from all openings on the six-man squad.
"Head for that truck, take cover!"Ruskie managed to bark through the crossfire
The squad moved like a human snake, each of them covering his areal, shooting down enemies and clearing a safe-route.However, the opposing army was not so impressed.They established firing lanes, pinning the squad behind the used American truck.
As Anatoli tumbled to relative safety behind the front wheel of the truck, a bullet whizzed by his head.
"Fuckin'shit!I want home!They ain't playing, Leka!Call for fuckin'reinforcements!"Anatoli said, his eyes visibly showing the fear in his heart.
"Keep your fuckin'head down, kid!It's your second mission, and my last.I'll get your sorry ass out of here!"Ruskie added before throwing a grenade, dispersing the attackers in the area.

"White-two-zero, this is Shovel-three-three, requesting imemdiate intervention, we are currently pinned by...approximative...fifteen Tangos.I repeat, fifteen Tangos plus.And that's just a whim of them"
"Roger that, Shovel-three-three, ETA of the reinforcements, five ticks.We need your squad to clear the East side of the town after our mechanized free you guys from there.We can't spread our forces too much."
Ruskie snatched the talkie from Leka's hand."Just fuckin'get those shiny T-90's over these lowlifes, and then I'll fuckin'clean the whole town, got it?!"

Both Anatoli and Ruskie set themselves at each end of the truck, returning fire, when suddenly, Ruskie fell backwards, holding his knee.
Leka quickly took Ruskie's place, providing covering fire to Paul, the squad's medic.
Paul flacked his Medikit open, preparing a Morphine shot, as he disinfected the knee wound, mumbling under his breath.
"Fuckin'hell, how bad is it, I can't stand to look closer."
"Lucky one, Sarge, surface wound.Let me give you this shot of morphine, and you're back on track, eh."
Paul pushed the syringe's needle into Ruskie's vein, pumping the morphine inside.Ruskie cringed, squinting his eyes.
He was prepared to stand, when the buzzing sound from the team's radio made him keep his cover.
"Shovel-three-three, this is Iron-six-six, we are approaching the city centre.Mark your position to us, if possible."
"Ye heard the guy, Anatoli, pop a flare."Anatoli wasn't the man that you had to tell twice.He stood up for a brief moment, as he reached for his belt, unholstering a flare, throwing it near the truck.Several seconds of wait-time, and the flare produced a bright red smoke that could be seen from afar.
"Got that, Shovel-three-three, you can begin clearing the East side of the town, we're taking from here."
And they were.The engine sound was coming from three sides, so it was obvious that the ones surrounding Ruskie's squad were now the ones surrounded.A fierce crossfire errupted, but by then, the squad was already making its way through an alleyway, clearing each building "SWAT" style, as Leka liked to say.
There was little to no resistance, most of the attackers were caught off guard.Ruskie led the squad like an iron storm through the buildings.
The town was fairly small, so after half an hour, they reached the outskirts of the town.
The squad stopped for a minute, to draw their breath, when Leka's voice broke the silence...
"Da, Leka, what is it?"
Leka's face was crumpled, and his shaky fingers managed to point towards his feet
The whole squad stood up, as they approached Leka's position.But Ruskie stopped them with a quick hand movement.
"There may be more, hold your ground."
Ruskie already knew that Leka was dead, he saw the devastating effect of a landmine on several people.But he had to try.He knew that when Leka jumped, or moved from there, it was going to explode, but if he jumped, he had a very-very-thin chance of getting away with both his legs amputated.
"Leka, you have to jump.It's your only chance."
But by now, Leka was already crying, mumbling words under his breath.His hands were fiddling with the cross medallion he was wearing, it looked like he was praying.
"Fuckin'hell, why the fuck is fate so uptight nowadays, eh?"Anatoli yelled.
Ruskie sighed, as he raised two fingers to his helmet, saluting Leka in a military style.
"Anyway, if you die or not, I hope we'll fight again up there"Ruske said in a low tone as he pointed towards the sky .
One of the other squad members burst into tears, slowly smacking his head against the AK-47's handle.
Leka wiped his tears, as he made the sign of the cross, crouching as he prepared to jump.
"Wait!"Ruskie barked.He then turned towards the other soldiers"Pass me your coats, vests, everything you got.He has one chance, and we're making sure that he's gonna make it."Fake words, he knew that, but atleast Leka wasn't going to die like his brother in arms, Igor, when he joined OGPU.
In a matter of seconds, five military coats flew towards Leka, and he grabbed him, wrapping them around himself.
"A-alright, st-...stand back, I'll jump".Leka tried to keep his voice confident, but under that voice, was a twenty years-old kid, with a wife at home, a wife that'll never see him again.
Leka crouched, closing his eyes as he made the jump towards eternity.A loud explosion followed his jump.Several seconds passed before Ruskie stood up, eyeing the explosion crater.
"Rest in peace, Leka."
The remaining squad members lined up, and bow'd their heads, as he they hummed Leka's favourite song, "Katiusha".
Ruskie, slowly walked towards the remains of Leka's body, ripping the dogtags from his neck, alongside his papers. He then put them in his backpocket, nodding.

The war against IIB was won, but with a price.
The squad stood around the outskirts for another good ten minutes, before a Russian Tatra truck picked them up, carrying the soldiers back towards their lines.They all were silent, however.
Alexander"Ruskie" Zakarov-1999


1992--8 of october.
A day like the others in Petrograd.But not for Alex.His dad was in the terminal phase of the lung cancer that destroyed half of his life, so Alex was visiting him daily.He hopped on the tram that took him to the Local Hospital.During the ride, his raggy appearance created a bit of repulsion around him.But he couldn't care less.He shoved three "punks"out of his way as he got out of the tram.They threatened him, but his thoughts were headed to his father, in the pale-white bed sheets in that world-forgotten hospital room.
He walked past the reception desk, taking the elevator to the tenth floor.
Room 213.A simple number, but still, a number Alex hated so much.It was the room that held his father captive due to that stupid cancer, the disease that will end his father's life much sooner than Alex expected.
Alex entered the room, just to see his father connected to the life-supporting devices.
He sat on the edge of the bed, as his father started to talk.
"Alex, I told you not to come.I don't want to be seen like this."
"Father, it's the least I could do."Alex knew that his father could pass anytime, and he was trying to get hold of every moment with him.
After several minutes of talking, Alex's father started to cough, as he was trying to speak.
"Alex, Please, call the nurse, I'm not feeling good."
"No, no, no"Alex stood up, leaning himself against the button that warned the emergency doctors with the full weight of the body.
Nothing happened, though.He pressed again.Eventually he rushed out of the room, running to find some medic.The halls were empty.He noticed a nurse yawning as she exited the staff room.
"FUCKING SLEEPY BITCH!"he yelled as he launched a hard jab towards her chin, knocking the nurse down.He spit on her, his eyes filled with rage.
As he waited for the elevator, the sinister monotone beep that came from room 213 made Alex bite his lower lip in order to stop himself from crying.
He sighed deeply as he exited the hospital, noticing the three guys he shoved earlier were leaned against the street fence.
They stood up walking towards him.
"Hey, you, come over here"said one of them as he launched a fist towards Alex's side.He easily dodged it, before sending his heavy army boot straight into the punk's balls, putting him down on the cold pavement.A quick jab put the other one down, and by then the third punk was already running.Alex returned his gaze upon the two bodies, as he started savagely beating them.
All of a sudden, everything went blurry, and as he felt, he could hear:
"Petrograd Police!"
His body twitched a bit as he felt the tazer hit.He tried to move, but his legs weren't helping him.The cold, metallic cuffs made him shiver a bit, as he was pushed carelessly into the back of a Police van.
Half an hour later, they reached the Police station.

Police officer:"Name and age, please."
Alexander sighed.
Alexander Zakarov:"Alexander Zakarov-Thirty-two years."
P.O:"Resident in Petrograd"
A.Z:"Yes, Kavinksi street, 3b-6"
P.O:"So, /Alex/, why have you assaulted the three teenagers?"
A.Z:"First of all, none of your business, cunthead.Also, I fucked'em up because I had a bad day.And I still do, and I swear on my Ural that if by evening, I'm not out of this shithole, I'll slam your brain off."
P.O:"They placed no charges however, lucky you.*The officer shook his head, dissappointed"
A.Z:"THey know what will happen if they pressed charges, that's why, fag."
P.O:"I'd love to have someone like you in the cell, I'd beat you up everyday, /sir/."
A.z"Listen here, cunthead.I've been a prison guard for ten fuckin'years.I know how your shit works.Now go suck a dick or something."
Alexander stood up, gathering a wad of phleghm in his mouth, before spitting it towards the officer
"Have a nice day, /officer/."

Alexander slammed the station's door, as he started to wander the streets,looking for a place to drown his sadness.

Journal pages

1994-OGPU MC.Origins.

"It was in 1994 . We hadn’t been in minds and plans of our parents yet. Some words should be said about our ancestries. If you have never being interested in the story of your country , you should ask the elders. All was different, absolutely all. People lived according to other ideas imposed by our party leaders. The life of common people was penetrated with the rotten views of the Soviet moral , that didn’t give any chance to front or to see distinctly what was really going on with their “prospering” motherland. There was not any opportunity ,why? The Soviet government didn’t want Russian people to know the opportunities of the bourgeois order with it’s lewd moral, power of money and racial conflicts. Our Communist government pressed our past generation with these ideals. Did they truly believe? Not all of them, thanks god.
It was 1968 ,July. My father, like most of the men of this period, was studying at the pedagogical institute named after K.D.Ushinsky. He was only 26. This is the age when all moral values are already formed and the life has just begun. As for my father, he didn’t really care about his future. There was a small club, founded by students of the institute, addicted to engineering. This was some kind of a bike club, or it’s better to say a small bike unit, because to have a motorcycle was a great rarity. Traffic was owned mostly by the State authorities. Nevertheless, there were some fellow-students ,not the best and unique, but who loved freedom and bikes. In 1958 a great event took place- a ride Yaroslavl-Moscow-Sevastopol. It was a very important motorcycle event. They covered thousands of kilometers on soviet Russian motorcycles IJ-49 and 56 and 3- wheeled motorcycle M-72. They were warmly greeted by public in each city, without taking into account state workers, contributors, who watched the ride proudly and then disapproved it. Moreover all soviet females and were crazy about bikers. Ofcourse, some failures, crashes and breakes took place, but everyone came back home as a hero of biking community, full of impressions, experience, and patience to overcome difficulties, with a strong wish to share this new experience with their future children.

That was the way how we began to appear."
Alexander Zakarov , member of the OGPU MC.

September, 2012.Outskirts of LV.

The two men pulled grabbed Alexander by his collar, tossing him out of the black van, to what it looked like an abandoned building.As he was trying to get up, he could hear the other two Russians talking
"Luka, take him down, tie him.You stay to guard him.The rest of you, with me".
"Dobro.Let's move, old prick.".This statement was followd by a quick jab to Alexander's sides, before dragging him more or less after him to the basement of the building.

-Half an hour later-
"Alright, Luka, now that he's all tied up, he can talk, I guess, eh?"
Alexander did nothing but spit the man questioning him in the face, this move getting rewarded with a backhanded slap.
"Shut the fuck up, mudak.You and your OGPU MC brought enough problems already in St.Petersburg.DO you think our MC, the mighty Red Flags, will bow to your small attacks?"
"They weren't small, Dima, we destroyed two of your charters and burnt down your Clubho-.."Alexander's words were interrupted by a 9mm handgun pointed to his temple.
"You, you fuckin'piece of shit, I could kill you right on the spot, but you know what? I'll let you rot here, like the maggot you are.And I'm going to kill every single Khan I see, got it?"
Alexander maintained his cold gaze on DIma, not even blinking"I know that I'm a dead man, but hear me, if you touch any Khan, not even tanks will hold me back from finding and killing you."
"Well, I know your Spetsnaz skills, so I assume breaking chains is something you learned on the first day there, eh?Let's move, patsani"Dima gestured the other two Red Flags motorcyclists.Dima was the last one to exit, before slamming the metal door shut.
Alexander sighed, looking around the room.

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Cool story, bro, tell me more.

Nah, it's actually a good one, quite long though.

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Up-to-the fucking-dated with a small part.



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Good boy.. Cookie?


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John Freeman was killing Combines and barking necks and humens and Henry Freeman was behind shooting at Combines at front. Now Combines got scarred and ranned back to the dark man who was at the door to the big tower that was big onto the sun and went around the dark man and got redy to fight again. then the dark man pressed the button that made the big tower glow and smoke.

"John Freeman you let next boss step on me and made me headcrab zombie. Combines came and put science in me and made me live and strong and big now I make you and Henry Freeman headcrab zombie. Prepair to die" Gordon Freeman said.

"Gordon Freeman you are my bro and I killed next boss. Combines science is bad and made you tricked bro stop the button and glowing." John Freeman said.

"NO!" Gordon Freeman angered back.

Gordon Freeman teleportaled to John Freeman and hit him with crow bar and John Freeman tried to grabe it but couldnt so he punched Gordon Freeman instead. John Freeman and Gordon Freeman was fighting for life and death when the Combines and humens started shoting each other again. Henry Freeman got in front of humens and saw the tower smoke and glow more and more like litning clouds.

Henry Freeman shout "It will explod!" so Henry Freeman and the people shot bullets and bombs at Combines so humen kind could press the botton and make it stop. Then Henry Freeman went to a Combines car and shoot all the Combines in it and went to the top and used the torret gun. Henry Freeman made the torret gun shoot Combines and bullets cut them in two and half.

Henry Freeman kept shooting Combines and the rest of humens got closer and closer to button to stop it. The Combines shot at the humens and made some die but no one cared becaus they had to do it. Then Combines started coming out of the hug tower to stop the humens. There was too much Combines and humens couldnt go to the button no more and the tower was all smoke and glow now expect for a little bit.

John Freeman knew it was too late and humens couldnt stop button. John Freeman had barley time but was still fighting Gordon Freeman.

"Bro it is time Im sorry" John Freeman said to Gordon Freeman.

"time for you to die John Freeman!" Gordon Freeman said back.

"No bro" John Freeman said then kicked Gordon Freeman in teh part of the face that was like Combines.

The science flew off Gordon Freemans face and landed and blowed up in a boom and Gordon Freeman stood and fall. "Bro.." Gordon Freeman said so John Freeman got closer to the ground like Gordon Freeman.

"Combines made me tricked bro Im sorry" Gordon Freeman said.

"I know bro but you are hero" John Freeman said back to comfart Gordon.

"Save humens and Henry Freeman" Gordon Freeman said quiet like pain and breathed slower and slower

John Freeman had Gordon Freeman and saw eyes shut and the breath stoped but Gordon Freeman had smiles on face.

John Freeman let go Gordon Freeman and went up back on his feet and loked his head around and saw trees and aminals and humens then looked at glowy tower and knew what has to be done. "Son and people get back!" John Freeman said out real loud so Henry Freeman frontflipped off torret and went with people back to John Freeman and ducked bullets and rackets.

"Son take people on motorcycle and leave city. Make people safe son and nothing happen to them." John Freeman said to Henry Freeman.

"But dad I fight!" Henry Freeman said.
"No son go with people" John Freeman said so Henry Freeman and humens went on motorcycle.

Henry Freeman started on motorcycl and started to go but slow becaus he didnt want to. the Combines saw and said "STOP THE HUMENS!" and went charge at motorcycle.

John Freeman walked to wards Combines and made fists with hands. John Freeman punchd and hit Combines in front but all Combines in back shot rockets and masheen guns. a Rocket hit John Freeman but he got up and killed more Combines then a Combine went at John Freemans back and stabed him but John Freeman got nife out and stabbed Combine in brane. Combines got close and hit John Freeman body with bullets but John Freeman kicked Combines back.

John Freeman kept fighting Combines and put head up to tower and saw it go brite and break then turned around in last second and saw motorcycle in far off safe place and was happy. Henry Freeman and the people in the motorcycle saw the tower go like millon stars and fire and loud noises then the people went down but Henry Freeman kept going and didnt say nothing.

After the world was nice and humens had new city and happy because the Combines was gone and nobody was slave or sad. President Henry Freeman and people and animals and earth had peace and in the middle of new city was a statue that said "John Freeman Saver of Humens"



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