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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:36 pm

Vieira "V" Sanchez Probationaryoutlawbiker
A picture of "V", taken by some ACU's officer.

Vieira travelled to San Andreas with his three "brothers", Francis, Kurt and the craziest Jimmy. His father was a Biker too, so he didnt passed much time with him, because of the "rides" for all part of the country, but that doesnt change the passion that he has for bikes, like his dad.
However, his father died when he was sixteen years old, and it was with that age, that Vieira started to hang around with Francis, Kurt and Jimmy, and they decided to create a "family", with the same passion...bikes...and that family would be called by Khans Motorcycle Club!

Little description:
He has 1,87 meters, 73 Kg, brown hair, not too long, and has some Tattoos, all of them with a meaning.
Vieira, thinks first, before act...always!
He likes to drink and sniff, specially on parties or after the "rides".
He is very loyal to his "brothers", he gives his life for them.
He doesnt like disrespect, liers, disloyalty, pussies, empty fridges, FCR's, BMX's, cops and Mongrols.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
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Jimmy Braescher - Khans President
|"Hell is home to me, might as well be, I like it here and nowhere else invited me."|

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