Samuel "Sick" Collins

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Samuel "Sick" Collins

Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:35 pm

Samuel "Sick" Collins

Sick on a ride.

Sick is a oldschool biker, since his 15 Years old he love bikes and heavy metal music. He lived almost time of his life on Florida. His family, Outlaw's MotorCycle club, he was young, not knowing he fall into a trap of ACU in the state of florida. after 15 years on the Florida Prison he and some other prisoners escaped from the prison.

Sick on the old outlaw's Motorcycle club

No Pay No gain.
After the Prisonbreak, Sick was poor, no money to buy food, he was homeless. In his first week out of the prison, he started to steal old ladies and kids to survive. Two weeks later he just found a Mechanic shop, Not too big, but there he saw an opportunity, he walked on the Shop's direction and talked with the owner requesting a job and a place to live. The owner, apparently religious hired Sick and arranged a place to sleep, with the time Sick started a LIFE again and in like six months he started a build a new bike, after more Six months the bike was done and with some money he was back on the roads. He just took an iron chain of the workshop, started the engine of his motorcycle and began driving with no goodbye to his old boss.

Home sweet Home.

After a long travel throught the United states, traveling to evade the Police, Sick finally arrived at his destination, Los Santos. Rented a small house, kinda poor, using fucked up clothes and not much in his pockets, his only love was the bike, already with a big criminal record the only way to get the "Freedom" was changing his name, he has some friends working on the Los Santos government, easily he got a identic documment but with another name, from Alvaro Siqueira to Samuel Collins.
A long time after come to Los Santos, he saw something like a Motorcycle club wearing Leather vests and all, the Khans, he started to make some friends there and a suddenly he found himself living in a dirty house, sleeping in a couch, drinking beer and listening to heavy metal music...

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC

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Jimmy Braescher - Khans President
|"Hell is home to me, might as well be, I like it here and nowhere else invited me."|

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