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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:35 pm

Logan "Wolf" Bishop

Logan "Wolf" Bishop For-girls-only-young_460x0w
Logan and his first motorcycle.

Good Bye soon.
Since his 10 Years Old Logan loves bikes, ever playing with his friends with a BMX. He started work with his father at 13Years, working at a mechanic shop on his house's garage. With 15 Y/o he bought his first bike, after some time he worked alot on his bike and started a run with some local bikers. He started a make some friends, but he was young and they was just using Logan. After discovering that Logan was being used he just fucked the bikes, not a good thing to do because that gang was going to make a big revenge. Three days after that when Logan arrived from the garage he spotted his Mother and Father on the ground, his mother survived but and his was father moving one of his arm, Logan came close to the body of his father and started a cry when Logan's father said: Goodbye son.
Two months after his Father's death Logan sawd like 50 bikers hanging together, with vests and big bikes, He sawd a chance to stop cry about his father decease and get back to the road with his old bike. His mother didn't like the Idea, a fight started his mother not wanted Logan hanging with bikers again, they caused the Logan's father death, But Logan didn't heard his mother and just fled from his house with his bike and some money.
He was trying to find these bikers, he searched like two days when he find ten bikes on one bar, he stopped and asked for a ber. He begins talk with them and ...

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