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Brian Ethan Onner

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Brian Onner. This is he Nowadays.

So, Since Brian Was a little kid, he demonstrated his love for bikes. His Childhood was very disturbed, and his Mother died when he was just 3 years old. Brian's father had a Workshop in his garage, in a house near Los Flores. He learned how to fix a lot of things about vehicles and how to treat it.

There was a day, that he was seated infront his father Workshop and a lot of bikers with Lowrider bikes passed in front of he, laughing, talking and drinking some beer, looking carefree with the life. He barely knew of that image of that motorcycle club would help he some years later.

When Brian was 15, his father Died, this went to a better. Brian went into a strong depression. One day, he was seated in his sofa, tired of the long day fixing car and bikes, started to cry and to remember that image of the motorcycle club, Than he decided to do it. If that bikers was driving, freely, without problems, drinking beer, talking and laughing, why not to join a motocycle club and try to forget the problems, his parents dead and another things that he can't remember without crying?

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Brian's Father long time ago

Than, He decided join a motorcycle club. He had already a bike that he inherited of his father. Walking with his bike, he saw a motorcycle club, that looks to be new, with some guys talking, and laughing. When he saw it, he remembered that old motorcycle club, his father and a lot of another things. Than he starts to follow this group, trying to mesh with them. He suferred a lot of prejudices that, in the end, was just a "test".

His idea to forget the bad things worked, than he started to walk with this motorcycle club. He knew the members, that was good persons, and he bought another bike. He bought a Fatboy 2005 and started to ride with his new friends.

Brian "Ethan" Onner Afsu

Nowadays, he's helping another members to grow up the motorcycle club and become know!!!

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