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Not done yet, Opened to english corrections.
Scott "Papa" Harvey

The American dream realized Scott, became true. His father Arnold, an old mechanic who died 31 years after the birth of his son Scott. Since Arnold was a little fanatical about the old west movies, bang-bang. With time, Arnold bought his first property, a small workshop in this oficiana started having customers is also commonly members of a motorcycle club, with three years already working to these bikers, Arnold've got these special information bikers, even knowing that were dangerous, killed, sold drugs and weapons, and stole locations. Full of enemies, these bikers only brought trouble to the old Arnold, who died ill with heart problems. At that time, Scott had taken his license to drive motorcycles, his father always led the way for this style "Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'roll and Moto. " After the workshop of his father being incediada, Scott decided to go after your dream, join a motorcycle club, joining his second family with his bike. His mother died a few months after the affiliation of the child in a motorcycle club. With the great loss of his mother, Scott was inturmando if more and more that his second family, knowing more and more about bikers, thinking one day be better than his beloved father, Arnold.

Scott "Papa" Harvey Arnold - Arnold, The Dad.
Scott "Papa" Harvey Familiae - Second Family
Scott "Papa" Harvey 94266661 - Scott Harvey.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
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