Michael "Mike" Bell.

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Michael "Mike" Bell. Empty Michael "Mike" Bell.

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Michael "Mike" Bell
Michael "Mike" Bell. Outlawbikers
Michael "Mike" Bell was born in new york on 10/25/1985, his father was a biker, and he was always interested in it, always going on trips with his father because his father lived on the road and had no home, and how he lived on the road he always had this dream of being a biker. Then one day his father died in an attack by another MC, so "Mike" was only one bike, and $ 100 in his pocket. Until one day he met Los saints, and as he walked the streets found the Khans Mc, and stopped there met the staff and stayed there.
Michael "Mike" Bell. 29154004
"Matilda" this is the bike that his father had he won this bike in a raffle he had when he was traveling with his group at Texas, so when his father died he was with the "Matilda," Mike will never sell your bike, because it resembles his father.
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"Your first shot" was 8 years old, with a .38 his father was waiting for the right moment for it, and then on 08.13.1993 he gave the gun only taught him how he shot and triggers, and each time was better shooting, and training in cans.

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