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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jimmy Braescher. 1973. He really haven't enough time to get know his hometown. Jimmy's father Gruschteniek Braescher fled with him to East Germany in 1979. We don't need to say, that life there was not easy. Jimmy grown, without his mother, in a trashed place in the heart of East Berlin.

He grown in a dark room, filled with the vomit of his drunken father. The day the cirrhosis ate the final piece of Gruschteniek's life. Jimmy found himself on the streets of an isolated town, fighting for survival. Jimmy's days were quick jobs, legal and illegal. Nights were Feeling B concerts. Involved with the punk movement, but not with the punk ideology.

November 9th, 1989. The day that changed Germany forever. Jimmy was there to bring the iron curtain down, and to get out of that country. The money that he raised in his “underground” life was enough to move out and in 1994 Jimmy was already in Pittsburgh again. A quick search was enough to find out that his mother was already dead. Suicide right after his father took him to Germany. All the money that Jimmy brought from his jobs in Europe, were enough for a cheap bike.
Desolated, and alone he got out to find his destiny. His money, were once again, from every kind of job. Stealing, killing, dealing. 1999, he found Liberty City. That place was all he needed to get even sicker than his already was. His new bosses were the Lost MC. His new name was Painkiller, a reference to a Judas Priest song.

Fate has made him cross with Kurt Mitchell, and the both started to work around. Jimmy was never the type of friends, only contacts. But Kurt was one of the few that deserved his respect, so their relationship was far from business only.
After some crazy night involving speedball, Painkiller, and Kurt, decided to get their wheels on the road, and travel. They ended up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. There, they would meet Francis McAllister and Vieira Sanchez. And that city would change his destiny forever.

Painkiller is without any doubt, the most ruthless member. His experience made him cold, and evil. If anyone needs to be killed or neutralized you can call Painkiller. Cocaine is a part of his life. Not a single without the yeyo. Jimmy always carries a butterfly knife with him, and he always makes good use of it. The brotherhood feeling that he constructed with Vieira, Francis and Kurt, is the only emotional relationship he have. Making him even more dangerous if he needs to protect them. Jimmy is currently, Road Captain of the Khans MC.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
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