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Paul Wayne Stinson(left) with his older brother Shane Stinson(right) at the age of 16 and 21

Paul Wayne Stinson was born in San Antonio Texas. He was the second child of the Stinson family, a family with a long history in motorcycling clubs. Paul's father, Shawn Stinson, the ex vice-president of Vicks motorcycle club from Texas state died before he was born, but the passion for motorbikes ran into family. A Harley Davidson Fatboy edition from 1979 was everything their father has left them.
Paul's mother died when he was 6 years old in a car accident. He, and his brother Shane rode all the way from San Antonio to Lubbock on their Fatboy because they heard that the last survivors of the ex-Vicks motorcycle club were there.

Vicks motorcycle club
As they arrived in Lubbock in a cold night of December, Shane made some phonecalls and they got in contact with the last 3 survivers of the Vicks motorcycle club right away. With a little help from them Shane and Paul managed to find a small room to live in and Shane also got himself a job.
Growing without a father, Paul's older brother, Shane was the one who tough him how to fight, shoot, cheat but always respect and put his friends and family before everything else. He told him how to ride, take care and fix a bike, he told him how to do a perfect robbery-he tought him almost everything he knows.
As Paul grew up he started to join his brother during robberies. Shane was an excelent strategist and organiser, skills that Paul picked up very quick. They were robbing people, cars, shops, banks. Shane become a very influent man amoung the city of Lubbock, everyone who would've fucked with the Stinson brothers would've ended up getting a beating of a life time. Altough the police knew they were behind all theese crimes they couldn't do anything because the Stinson brothers always took good care of not leaving any proof or signs behind.
Everybody in the Lubbock city was afraid of them and, because of their hineaous acts they got a nickname-the "Outlaw brothers".
Paul didn't really care about money, he was never the kind of person who likes luxury houses and fancy cars. He was happy with the money he was making from robberies and drinking beer with his friends and especially with his brother was all it took to make him happy.

Ups and downs
As every thing in this world happyness is not something that lasts forever. Crimes after crimes, robberies after robberies, the Outlaw brothers have becomed the most feared brothers in the city of Lubbock. The streets on their neighbourhood were emtpy most of the times and people couldn't sleep at night because of them.
Altough they were very clever and cautious with the proofs when commiting illegal activities, there is no perfect crime, and one day the cops managed to get a warrant on Shane Stinson name. They breached into their house one night. Shane and Paul along with the 3 Vicks decided that they'd reather die then spend the rest of their lifes in prison.As the cops breached the door a massive gun fight like only in Texas you'll see emerged. The cops managed to kill the 3 Vicks. Shane and Paul realized they have no chance of winning this. Shane's life was compromissed, the warrant with an execution sentence was on his name there was no turning back. But Paul's record was still clear. Shane stopped talking for a second then he looked at his brother and gave him a hug. Paul didn't understand what was going on. Shane told him to run out of Lubbock and never do robberies again if it's not neccesary. As Paul was screaming after him to get back, Shane got outside and hoped on one of the Vicks bikes. He then started to drive away with 10 police cars on his tail. Paul got out as well and took the Fatboy without beiing noticed by the remaining cops and speed away. He tried finding his brother but they got to far. The next day he read in the newspaper that Shane Stinson was killed by the cops in a gunfight.
After the death of his brother Paul had to go trough a lot of interogations by the local police in Lubbock. It seemed that they managed to get a clear picture of his brother during a robbery but they couldn't find anything on him. His record staid clear but he lost his brother and all his friends.
Remained alone without anyone, only with his 1979 Fatboy and beiing hated and hunted by everyone in the city of Lubbock, Paul took the map and unfolded it and sticked it on the wall. He then took out his revolver closed his eyes aimed for the map and fired a bullet. He then approched the map and looked where the bullet hit.Trough the tears he managed to read "L-... ..-tos" under the bullet's black mark. So the next day he took his money, his revolver and his Fatboy and started to ride...towards Los Santos.

Los Santos new home
Paul arrived in Los Santos December 2007 in a cold night of december. Ironically it was a cold day of December when he and his brother first arrived in the city of Lubbock, Texas.
It was a brand new beginning in Paul's life, a brand new chapter. He got himself two jobs, one as a pizza boy and one as a mechanic.He was fixing bikes and deliverying pizza. As much as he wanted to stay away from illegalities he found himself commiting robberies again due to lack of money.
He had no friends, only a small room in a motel and his Fatboy...

Khans motorcycle club
Nearly four years has passed since Paul "Outlaw" Stinson arrived in Los Santos.One day as he was riding his Fatboy, he saw a brawl between the Mongols MC and the Khans motorcycle club. He stopped the Fatboy on the right side and whatched the brawl while drinking a beer. As he was watching the brawl Paul got impressed by how the Khans were fighting and protecting each other altough they were pretty outnumbered. The care they were taking for each other remembered him of how his brother used to take care of him. Tears started to come out of Paul's eyes as he was watching the brawl. He then wiped them off, squashed the beer can into the hand and let it drop down onto the floor. He then took out his wooden made bat from the bike's package slot and joined the brawl. He started swinging his bat around hitting as many Mongols as he could.He took a few bats and punches as well but he was not even feeling the pain. He didn't knew any of the Khan members but for odd reason he was felling happier with every punch he was taking for the Khans motorcycle club. Few minutes later some cruisers arrived on the scene. One of the Khans gave the disperse order and all of them hoped on their hogs. Paul did the same thing.He followed the Khans to their club house. As Paul and the Khans got there he introduced himself and made a few friends. For the first time in four years he was feeling happy again, felling like he had friends. Money started to come as well and he even managed to buy a car and a house. Things weren't as bad as they used to be...

Paul "Outlaw" Stinson is currently the Treasurer of the club and in charge with the hardware supplies. He is a middle sized and pretty muscular male.
His cut jeans and shoes as well as his recidivist behaviour and the fact that he is oftenly seen drunk would make him strike anyone as a random street punk. Paul is however a very cunning and clever individual, he is a very effective robber and an excelent strategist. The lost of his brother had made him a very calculated and rational man, he always thinks twice before he acts.
Paul doesn't do drugs but likes to drink a lot of beers. He always the safety of his friends(especially the patched members) before everything else. What he enjoys the most is getting drunk with his friends after a long and exhausting day. Even tough an outlaw in the true sense of the word, Paul is not an adept of inflicting pain on defensless individuals, always opposing this ideea nor is he an adept of killing other persons even if they are the club's or his enemies. Paul has killed three persons in shootings in his life but he only does this when it's the last resort and he oftenly regrets doing so.
He has a PHd in electromechanics.

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