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Drake "Kong" Kelvin

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Drake “Kong” Kelvin
Khans MC- Sergeant at Arms
**Current Appearance**

Character Video

Chapter 1

Cordoba, Spain, 2000

“Just another long day at work”, thought Drake, as he headed home from the city port. “At least I get to go home to the most beautiful thing in the world.” What he saw was not what he expected. Cordoba police lined the streets by his house. He had no clue what was going on, as he was just a dock worker. Then, an officer approached Drake. He asked, “Are you Drake Kelvin?”….

“Why, yes I am”, Drake replied. The officer let out a deep sigh, as he looked over his shoulder towards the house. The officer said, “It’s your wife, you better go talk to her”. Drake was clueless, but afraid that his wife was hurt, he rushed past the other officers, into the front door of his home. There sat his newlywed wife, in tears, bruised, cut. Drake immediately rushed over and sat next to her, attempting to comfort her. That is when she looked at him with a look that he had never seen before. What he was about to hear, would turn his life upside down.

“They raped me”, Drake’s wife cried. “Two Spanish Cartel”, she said. Drake was confused, and enraged at the same time. She described them to him, told him to let the police handle it. But the rage would not permit that. Drake snapped, and began a manhunt for those responsible for the brutal beating and rape of his wife. Sources panned out, and he found one. Dominick Cortez, well known Spanish Cartel member. He didn’t know Drake, so Drake acted as if he wanted to buy some Cocaine. They stepped into the alley.

Loud screams are heard coming from the alleyway, as bystanders see a man, stabbing and slashing somebody to death. It was blind fury. Blood flowed out of the alleyway, right down the storm drain. News spread quickly, and Drake was taken into custody. The police let him go, as he took out a high valued target that they had been after for a long time, and since it was vindication for his wife.

Drake didn’t sleep, he kept throughout Cordoba, searching for the other man. Then, his phone began to ring. He answered his phone, and it was the police again. He was told to return to his house, as something tragic has happened. Drake sprinted throughout the streets, desperately trying to reach his house, fearing the worst. But it was too late, that fear had become a reality.

“She’s dead.” The officer said. She was brutally killed, execution style with a shot to the back of the head. Classic Cartel style. Drake’s life was ruined. He needed family, he needed friends. But all of those things had turned on him. Drake had nothing. Fearing that he would lose even more, Drake packed up a few things, and headed for Sevilla, where he boarded a plane for the USA.

Chapter 2

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2004

After years of roaming around in the various cities of America, Drake found himself in Los Santos. He still had no family, no friends, no job. He felt hopeless. He had nobody to turn to, but himself. He managed to buy a cheap motorcycle, an easier way to get around the cities. He found a reliable job as a dock worker like before, and rented a little place near Glen Park. After watching the violent gang battles between Crips and Mexicans etc, Drake decided he needed to try something new. Something that offered him protection.

On the way back to work, Drake rode his Harley through Glen Park. He saw it then. Three Mongols stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to change. All of the sudden, around five more bikes came up from behind, surrounding the Mongols. Everything happened so fast, that he just remembered seeing two dead Mongols, and the third one being executed as he opened his eyes. It was all a haze, and then he heard it. A loud, powerful shout of, “Let’s roll Khans!”

Drake felt some sort of comfort from that yell. A pleasure that he never felt before. He found out more about these so called “Khans”, and found their hangout in Idlewood. So, Drake did as any other normal hangaround would do. Kiss ass and wash the bikes. He understood the lifestyle he would be getting into, but not quite as much as he thought. He already bought a gun for protection, and it paid off. After spending some time washing the bikes, he saw Kurt, and Worm in a game of Cat and Mouse with a Glock-wielding Mexican man. Drake saw his first opportunity.

Without a vest, Drake had an advantage. He ran behind the man, and withdrew his Berretta, aiming down the sight. With one pull of the trigger, the man fell to the ground. Kurt and Worm emerged, impressed with the actions of Drake. The next day, Kurt gave him the vest. The Prospect vest.

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2005

After one year of Prospecting for the Khans Motorcycle Club, the Khans felt that Drake deserved to be patched in. And so he was, he was now a Warrior, a part of the secret society that would alter his personality over the years.

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2008

After long services for the Khans, Drake was a well-trusted member of the MC. He was given the rank of “Veteran”. A rank not to be easily achieved. His vest was filling up with patches, and it made him feel secure. He had a family, he had friends. He had the Khans Motorcycle Club.

It is said that Drake served in the Military at some point, but it is unknown. However, Drake did learn some important skills from somewhere. One day, after a shootout in a casino, one Khan fell wounded to the ground. Knowing they couldn’t take him to the hospital, as it would be reported to the police, Drake improvised. He took out some old tools, and performed a grotesque surgery on the fallen Khan. From that point on, he would be recognized as the Club medic. Painkiller warned, “Fuck up, and you’ll end up like the last Doc’. “

Painkiller and Drake grew to become close friends as Drake moved up in the Khans. He didn’t have many enemies at all within the MC. He grew closer to the Aces, and Vieira gave him the name, “Kong”.

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2009

“I’m Bones.” Said the normal looking hang around. Drake didn’t know what to expect from him, he’s probably just another normal guy looking for a membership.

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2010

That ordinary fellow named Bones had made it into the Khans. He was already a Warrior, fighting alongside the other Khans. But the day came, when Kurt was away in New York City, and Painkiller was appointed to replace him. With the President off doing his own thing, Painkiller could do what he wanted with the MC. And some positions needed filling. Samuel Williams was appointed Road Captain, and Bones was appointed Sergeant at Arms.

This enraged Kong, Worm, and Kaz. They left that church, angry at Painkillers decision. They thought, “For god’s sake, he’s fucking crying and you give him a patch with responsibility?”

Kong spent some time alone, thinking of all of his times in the Khans. He couldn’t leave it over a mistake. He knew his time would come, as he knew Bones was not fit to wear the Sergeant at Arms patch.

Chapter 3

As time passed, things were revealed. Bones not only was not partaking in Club actions, but he was sleeping with Painkillers soon-to-be Wife, who was pregnant with Painkillers child. It soon spread all throughout the Club, somehow leaving Painkiller clueless. Kong knew what would happen.

Painkiller found out on his own, and immediately tried to attack Bones. Rumors spread of Bones ratting out the Khans, and selling Stanley Lewis, another Khan, to some mafia. This put Painkiller and the other Khans over the edge. It was time to take the patch back.

Los Santos, San Andreas, 2011

Kong was appointed to Sergeant at Arms, when it was found out that Bones was a snitch, and traitor to the Club. But Kong didn’t just want the patch, he wanted to end the traitors life.

Kong was taught some very important skills by a Khan hang around, who ended up being a cop. However, he still got some vital skills. Kong could now trace down a cellphone number, to it’s exact location. He planned to use this to his advantage. After months of searching for Bones, a break. Kong got a lock on Blaze’s phone, which lead Kurt and two other Khans to a wooded area. It was now or never.

The result of that encounter ended with Bones dead, Blaze dead, and two Khans dead. Kurt rushed into the car, which Painkillers baby was now in. Kurt left the scene.

Kong continued doing missions for the MC, and his life was getting better. He had some complications inside the Club, with Vieira, dealing with an order that Kong was given by Painkiller. With Kurt finding out about the action, Vieira and Kurt put a plan in motion to have Kong earn their trust back. It was helping kill the one they have been wanting to for a while.

Painkiller’s girl, Nemo. Fifteen year old girl, that Painkiller somehow fell in love with. It was a chemical attraction. Nobody viewed upon it positively, and nobody supported them. She was pulling Painkiller from the Club. Something had to be done, and it was.

Kong and Worm, were waiting outside the bar, when they heard that Nemo was inside. Worm, also untrusted by Vieira, decided he would pull the trigger. When Vieira walked outside, and gave the signal, Kong jumped into action, snatching Nemo from the bar, stuffing her in the back of the van.

It was an awkward ride to her place of death, but they got there. Kong dragged Nemo out into the sand, and Vieira called Kurt to come and watch. With Kurt arriving, and giving his last words to Nemo, Vieira gave the order. Kong pushed his knife into Nemo’s back, three times. Worm then aimed his Glock at her head, pulling the trigger. They transported the body to Blueberry, to stage the murder on the Breed MC. But the SD and Painkiller weren’t stupid. It was an inside job.
With this, Vieira now had some trust in Kong again, as did Kurt.

Chapter 4
Riot Act

After months of planning, the time had come. The Riot Act demonstration was set, and now, all it needed was the creators and leaders to arrive. And so they did. "Here come the Khans!" yelled the Riot Control officers. The protesters had already gathered, and now, the entry of the overlords. Many Khans ride in formation and park next to the followers and protesters. The show was about to kick off.

The protesters charge, yell, and plead for their rights. They threw rocks at the oppressors, and re-routed around the roadblocks. Violence began to show, and the protesters split in two, to march to City Hall from two directions. Kong went around the right side, through Crenshaw, and the others went the opposite. Brandt, a Prospect at the time, got his hands on an armored truck, and cleared any path needed. The truck led the protesters, through Los Santos. One SASD cruiser moved in the way of the march, and was no match for the truck.

Once in front of City Hall, more tear gas was unleashed on the protesters. SWAT on one side of the street, Los Santos on the other. The protesters put the arms up, yelling for death to be brought upon them. Some, marched across the street, only to be beaten viciously by the police. And, with a moments notice, the SWAT line opened fire on the crowd. Bullets pierced through innocent women and children, the cries ringing through the ears of higher beings. Kong was struck in the stomach, and fell back immediately, speechless. Blood covered the sidewalks, and the other Khans called out, "Sarge is down!". Kong was dragged into the back of a truck, where he passed out, only to awake days later in the hospital.

Club activities resumed as normal for Kong, doing what he was asked to by the Aces. But something would make his life a lot better, and it was about to walk right into him.

Kong met Carly through the MC at the Riot Act, and talked on Tracebook. Eventually, they started to hang out, and Kong was feeling something about her that wasn’t felt with anybody before in Los Santos. He had never had this feeling since his wife in Spain. He was feeling love. Their relationship progressed, and Kong was advised to give her his “Sweetie” vest, as the other Khans were all after her. After some time, she accepted it. They are now engaged in a relationship with each other, both involved in the Khans Motorcycle Club.

After a long day of partying, and having fun, Kong talked business with the Aces and Road Captain, Lonely. Lonely would become more involved with the drug trade, and Kong would begin managing the garage. After a night of cleaning up the garage, Kong headed out back for a smoke. He saw it, a shotgun at Worm’s face.

Worm had made one large mistake, that had to be met with consequences. He told Painkiller that he killed Nemo. A secret that was not to leave Worm, Kong, Vieira, and Kurt. Upon hearing the news, Kurt snapped, and gave Worm his final punishment. Lonely went off the deep end when he saw it, and attempted suicide. He remains in a coma.

Kong brought his black van over, to load the body up. He then followed Kurt and Frank out into Red County, in the woods. They dumped the body, near a water source, so it would be sure to get attention from the animals. It was a long day, but he got through it. The next chapter has begun.

San Andreas, August/September, 2011

Life started to straighten out for Kong. He had a woman, he had his Club, and he had himself. Little did he know, everything would transform into a downward spiral. All it would take, is one small action. Carly told Kong she was leaving Los Santos, for a while. He knew what this meant. It was over. Carly gave Kong her vest, and kissed him goodbye. He was astonished, and frustrated at the same time. He had done all he could to keep her in Los Santos, but none of it worked. He realized, it was time to move on.

A Few Days Later...
With not much time passing, Kong managed to move on. He would return himself back to the Club, one hundred percent. He returned to his normal duties, and participated in the brawls and gang wars that began popping up across the map. It was then, when he really met her. It was Duke's cousin, and Green's sister, Tina. After some flirting, they decided to go out on a date, which followed with a growing relationship. Kong had forgotten about Carly, blinded by the changing environment around him.

[size=150]Chapter 5[/size]

Tensions began to grow between two Aces, Vieira and Painkiller. With many verbal and physical conflicts, Kong was approached by each Ace. Vieira, who wanted to teach Painkiller a lesson. Painkiller, who wanted to teach Vieira a lesson. Any choice would alter Kong's relations with both of them. He had to think up something quick, and something good. It was then, when Vieira contacted Kong. It wasn't the subject of Painkiller. It was about Lonely, the Road Captain. Kong had expressed his feelings towards him before, as he thought he was a disrespectful, arrogant racist prick. Vieira went on to say that during a conflict with Painkiller, Lonely jumped in and helped beat up Vieira. A conflict which he had nothing to do with.

As the two walked into the kitchen, and Vieira began assembling a Molotov Cocktail, Vieira slid a knife to Kong. One of Kong's favorite tools of war. The two had an elaborate plan, and that was to have Tony, a mafiosi friend and his men to kidnap Lonely from a bar. They would then take them to Vieira and Kong, where he would then meet his maker. As Kong dragged Lonely from the trunk of the car, Tony and his men left the dry desert. Vieira and Lonely exchanged words, and then, it was time. Kong leaned down to Lonely, and said, "Now, I am kicking you out of church". He then dug the knife into Lonely's stomach, twisting it as he muttered the words, "This-... is how-... you earn-... RESPECT!". He pulled the knife out, nodding to Vieira, and tossed the lighter to him. Vieira started the flame on the rag, and then, threw it on Lonely. It was over, and they returned to Los Santos. Cleansing Forged in Rebellion.

Chapter 6

Los Santos, September, 2011
Kong had survived a brutal beating taken by the Khans. The ranks shook to it's core. Vieira was dead, Stan was dead, Worm was dead, Kurt had cancer, and Frank disappeared. With the ranks thinning, Painkiller and Kong remaining at the middle, they established the fact that they would restore the dominance of the Khans.

Amazingly, Kurt survived his small cancer situation in Canada. He returned to Los Santos, brain fully functional, or so it seemed. Days later, Kurt had the President patch on his vest, and Painkiller had the Vice President patch. This was good, it kept true roots clean. The member base of the Khans skyrocketed, with transfers from other charters, including Kong's cousin from Spain. The Khans were showing their brute power in the form of leather, all across the city, and Kong loved the sight.

However, all would not remain so calm. Kurt had met a small time arms dealer, named Ayumi. Kong thought nothing of her, but she would prove to be more of a threat that anybody could collect from the outside. He had been left out of the personal actions between Ayumi and Kurt, but it would soon reveal itself. With Kurt and Painkiller talking in the Clubhouse, Kong and the other Khans waited outside, to go take action. Ayumi came up, lit a bottle, and threw it at the bikes near the Clubhouse.

It destroyed two bikes, Kurt's bike, and Kong's bike. This sent Kong into a rage, as his bike was custom made for him by a fallen member. However, Kurt and Painkiller ignored Kong's hate. They let Ayumi slip away, unpunished. Hours later, Kong stood at his destroyed love, astonished. The others stood in silence, watching him. It was then, when they got news of Ayumi, attacking Kurt on the empty pier. The Khans armed themselves, and drove quickly to the pier. Kong used his SUV to block her on the pier, and the others created a circle around her with their bikes. Everybody exited, AK47's and Glock's loaded.

Kurt's body laid motionless near Ayumi's truck. Kong readied his finger on the trigger, aiming at Ayumi through the back window. However, Painkiller shouted not to shoot. It was then, when he discovered Ayumi had called 911 somehow. Everyone opened fire, filling the truck with around 50 bullets in three seconds. Drake exited his car, walking closer to the truck, emptying the rest of his clip into the cab of the truck. He tossed his gun in his SUV, and started it up. They knew the cops would come soon, so they needed to get Kurt out of there. As Kong and the others dragged Kurt towards the SUV, many LSPD and SASD units speed up.

Some Khans managed to escape from the scene, but Kong remained there. Kong was stuffed into the back of a Cruiser, as the Ambulance arrived. Kong felt good, like he had his revenge. He would soon find out different. "Attempted Murder". She somehow survived, and Kong only became more enraged. He was ordered Eight years in prison, or Five with parole. He could only assume that such a hit to the Club would result in the end of Ayumi. And once more, Kong would be let down.

Drake Kelvin's Vest

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