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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:29 pm

Chapter one: Normality

*Beep Beep Beep*
"Aw God dammit, I fucking hate this class" Says a young man named Deacon sleeping in his bed, in a dorm at the University of Florida. "Baby, if you skip it we can, sleep in a little." Says a redhead lying next to him. "After all your roomates are gone till Sunday night" she says..."If I skip to much more I won't pass, and if I don't pass I don't become a lawyer. And then when we get married we will have to eat canned tuna everyday until I somehow raise enough money to go back to school" the young man interjects, as he wraps a loving arm around her and kisses her forehead. "Ohh fine then Mr. Responsible. You go get your learn on, and I am going back to sleep, it's way to fucking early for this."

The young man pulls on some cloths he picked up the floor, grabs a soda from his fridge and heads out the door. As he makes his way across campus he shivers from the morning cold, his class takes place at 6am, and barely any other students are awake. He approaches the door and pauses, sighing and then saying "Ahh Hellenistical Philosophy, thine art a cruel bitch. What wonders do you have for me today?"

Three hours pass, and the boy emerges from the class looking exhausted and hungry. "Jesus that was a long ass class, I need to get a sub, I am about to pass right the fuck out." He thinks to himself as he heads towards the on-campus Subway.
He sits, he eats, and then he gets a phone call.

Chapter two: Can you hear me now? Good.

"House of beauty this is Cutie." He says with a smirk, knowing it is his girlfriend.
"Deacon please come fast! Bear is here is back and he is pounding the door down!" A frantic female voice says on the other end.
"Bear ba-..Door pound? I dare you to make less sense Kristen." He says with a confused tone in his voice.
"Just fucking get here he is going psyco!" She screams nearly in tears.
"Ok!...Ok. I am on my way calm down I will handle him." He says with iron in his voice.
The boy grabs the other half of his sub and jogs back to his dorm. When he arrives he sees Bear, a man about his height wearing a leather jacket and a bandana pounding on the door to his dorm. "Hey you greaseball fuck! Stop pounding on my fucking door! You are freaking out my girlfriend." The young man says, fire in his voice. The man bear turns and eyes the boy up and down. "You must be Deacon, Trish has told me alot about you, mostly about how you were going to kick my ass if I showed up, well here I am little man, care to make good on those words" Bear says, in a gruff voice, spewing out a strong smell of whiskey on his breath. Wallace takes a step forward, but then pauses as bear lifts up his shirt, displaying a very large knife. "Pull it." Wallace says. "What?" Says Bear. "P-U-L-L it, and make good on your on threats. As Bear reaches for his knife Wallace grabs his wrist hard with his left hand, and Bear's throat with his right. Bear tries to speak, chocked in Wallace's powerful grip, but before he can even get part way through his sentence, Wallace headbuts him hard in the nose, breaking it and sending blood flying around the outside of his dorm. Bear stumbles back, and crys out in agony. "You piece of shit, you broke my fucking nose!" Wallace grabs Bear by the throat again, and with two hands throws him down the stairs next to his dorm-room door. "If I ever see you on this campus again I will kill you. Understood you piece of shit?". Bear rises slowely to his feet, several broken bones and a very bloody broken nose. He says with a strained voice, "You have no idea what you just did fucker, this will be the last 'tough guy' shit you pull, you are the dead man." Wallace screams at Bear to get the fuck out of here or die, and then makes his way to his dorm. The sun is clearly visible over the horizon. It is 9:30am.

More to come.

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