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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:29 pm

Kirill Butorin Kb1n

Name Kirill Butorin.
Age: Eighteen.
D.O.B: I age him up from time to time, so N/A.
Place of birth: Russia, Moscow.
Current Residence: Sixth street, East Los Santos.
Viktorija Butorin - Mother -Alive
Stepan Butorin - Father - Deceased

    Kirill Butorin Kb2q

    Affiliation: -
    Occupation: -
    Vehicles: BMX bike, Harley Davidson Night Rod' motorcycle (Freeway).
    Weapons: - Glock 18. (Deagle)

    Loves: His family and closest friends.
    Likes: Riding with his chopper, be with his friends and drink some beer at the bar.
    Dislikes: Police.
    Respects: All people who cares about him and respects him.
    Hates: Very boast people.
    Favorite Food: Barbecue food.
    Favorite Drink: Vodka, Budweiser beer, apple juice.

    Build: Average built.
    Height: 6'1 feet tall.
    Weight: 176 pounds.
    On the back of his neck: " R U S ".

      Eye Color: Black
      Hair Color: Black
      Piercings: None.
      Physical scars: None.

      Kirill is very calm person, he stays true to his friends and family. Kirill is that type of person who likes getting along with everybody, but sometimes he wants to be alone. Usually Kirill doesn't beef with anyone, hes simply walks away, but if people don't stop mocking him or something else, he is not afraid to attack. He loves his bike, sometimes he spends all day just riding with his motorcycle.

      Kirill Butorin Kb3n

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