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Mugshot Taken - June 2011

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DATE OF BIRTH: January 9th, 1994
PLACE OF BIRTH: Denton, Iowa
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Unknown Residence - Los Santos, San Andreas, USA


• 2011 - Assault
• 2012 - Possession of Controlled Substance: Marijuana

• Played Quarterback for the West Denton Warriors from 2009 to 2011 in Denton, Iowa
• According to Denton County Police, he was kicked out of his family home in Denton after his most recent arrest
• Currently employed at ProLaps in the Verona Mall in Los Santos

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Ryan was born in Denton, Iowa ((fictional city)). As a young boy he raced motocross. He had only won one race in his whole career but he like the feeling of being on bike. He rode bikes from the time he was 7. He still rides somewhat today.

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When Ryan got into high school, he started playing football. He was a backup quarterback on varsity as a junior and senior. As a sophomore and freshman, he played on the JV squad. Ryan only started 2 games his whole varsity career.

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The first week after he ended his high school life, one of Ryan's friends introduced him to marijuana at a party. He had never done it before so he tried it. The bad thing that came out of that was that the party was busted by the police and Ryan had weed with him when the police were searching people. He was arrested and charged with Possession of Controlled Substance: Marijuana. It was his second arrest (the first was being charged with assault after a fight in 2011. The charge was later dropped). Ryan served no jail time but had to pay a fine of 700 dollars. After his first arrest, his parents told him that if he ever got arrested again, he was out of the house. Well, this topped off the cake.

When Ryan got kicked out, he gathered the things that he though he would need and put them in his truck, a white 1992 Vapid Bobcat. He had never been to San Andreas before and he had an uncle that lived in San Fierro who had been part of a now defunct Motorcycle Club. Ryan then drove the many, many, MANY miles to San Andreas where he is now currently located.

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Additional Information
Height: 5 ft 11½ in.
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Dominant Hand: Right

• Ross Larson - Father
• Jenna Larson - Mother
• Caitlin Larson - Sister

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