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Bruce "Brew" Sutherland

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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost

The beginning of Bruce's life sure gave a heavy hint of what course it would later take. As if being born in what may be one of the most dangerous cities of the United States, Los Santos, wasnt enough, he was also born to be the third, youngest child of a notably poor couple, which in turn forced him and his siblings to be raised in the cheapest area for living in the entire city, but also the worst neighborhood possible for a white family; Idlewood.

Bruce had a five year older brother, Anthony, and a two year older sister, Stephanie. Undeniably, the three were daily challenged by distinctive difficulties, be these the racial discrimination offered by their gang ascending "neighbors" or the constant struggle to keep the easily accessible drugs off their lives, growing up was not easy and it quickly shaped the identities of the three. Anthony began to learn that everything had to be fought for, and that nothing was easy, something he would willingly share with others at any needed case. For this reason, he constantly held a tough attitude towards life in general, though he still kept a protective behavior regarding his family. Bruce always viewed Anthony as his role model, and being his younger brother, he began to follow in his footsteps, and effectively believing in what he believed. Stephanie, well... she was the most innocent of the three, though she was still perfectly aware of the negative aspects of the life she was growing up in. Regardless of this, Anthony and Bruce would both personally take upon themselves to constantly protect the weakest member of the family.

When Bruce reached his thirteen years of age, Anthony was temporarily leaving Los Santos to go on a road trip across the entire state with his friends, in order to celebrate his graduation from high school. Before he did so, he explicitly told Bruce to watch over Stephanie and defend her from whatever could happen while Anthony was gone, to which the youngest sibling nodded and promised would do. Needless to say, things were not meant to go as planned... just one day after Anthony's departure, a small, local Hispanic gang which attended the same high school as Bruce and Stephanie decided to pick on them for their skin color. Bruce did not take this kindly and immediatly rushed to the group, promptly attacking them, only to be separated by the principal passing by. No significant damage was done to either parties, but the group still swore revenge to the two.

Bruce went back home after attending his classes, opening the door only to notice that his sister had not come back yet. She was supposed to have left school earlier. Worried, he went searching for her, eventually finding a small crowd on an entrance to the sewers. They were circling a dead body. Stephanie's dead body. Bruce swore revenge.

Angered and mindlessly lusting for bloodshed, Bruce went searching for the so-called "leader" of this petty street gang, the one that was seemingly "responsible" for the event. Even though Bruce was still a mere thirteen year old kid back then, he marched straight into Ganton, the neighborhood where this criminal supposedly lived, ignoring the several factors that could led to him being brutally hurt or killed, with the objective of finding and harming one that was probably of the same age as Anthony.

His information was indeed correct. The target was just outside of one of the several houses of the area, hanging out with a beer bottle in his hand. Sooner or later the effects of this kicked in, not mentally but regarding more... biological needs. With this, he went behind his (assumed) house and into one of the several alleys surrounding it. Not barely seconds before he was preparing to alleviate himself and the back of his head was viciously hit by a baseball bat, the man's body falling on to the floor, weak as his hands attempted to cover the bleeding originating from the harmed area. Bruce didn't stop; he kept swinging the bat at the injured body as his hunger and need for revenge raged on, breaking bones, causing bleedings, ignoring the many pleas for help and mercy that his victim begged. At the end, the attacker simply tossed the bat aside carelessly and began to execute his own idea of justice with his own fists... but then he noticed. The man was no longer moving. He was no longer moaning. He was no longer breathing. Bruce had just killed a man.

Everybody called this a "typical gang retaliation", including the authorities. Clear poor judgement or not, no one took it upon themselves to investigate the case all that much, likely because nobody simply cared about yet another gangbanger from the Ghetto found dead. Anthony came back that same night, hearing about the news. Sad, grieving, he blamed Bruce for everything that happened, knowing that he had been the one in charge of protecting her. He told him he was no longer his brother. Despite the fact that they still lived together for the next four years, the two siblings never exchanged a single word from that point on.

Bruce continued his life and studies as normal as he could. The older he aged, the further away it seemed he was getting from his family. His parents were still speaking to him, but he just wouldn't care anymore; even though he aknowledged them, it was like he had given up on them. In an attempt to escape all his pressures back in Los Santos, he decided to join the army after graduating from High School. He was sent to bootcamp, and later Afghanistan, turning his back on everything.

The war granted him a new approach towards life in general. Even though he was constantly in danger, always running the risk of getting shot, and that killing was daily business, it was as if life had never felt better. It is safe to assume that a regular person would think even the life back at Los Santos was a preferable choice, but not Bruce. He was willing to serve for many, many years, as long as he was still breathing. But, of course, due to fate or just simple bad luck, the course of events he had planned for himself did not go as he wanted. One day, under an "anonymous tip", his superiors decided to search through each of the soldiers belongings ruthlessly, seemingly attempting to find anything illegal. Indeed they found it, and it came as a shock in whose; Bruce's. A few grams of Marijuanna. It wasnt such a big, major quantity, but it was still more than enough to get him in trouble, the trouble that would later get him kicked out of the army, and sentenced to six months in jail. It is no surprise at all when revealed that Bruce felt tremendously angered at this, but it might be once told that the found Marijuanna wasnt his. Somebody else had put it on his belongings. Be it just to save his own skin or some other reason, it may never be known. What it is known for sure is that Bruce never felt the same regarding the "system" after this. He began to grow a extremely negative opinion about it, given how he was unfairly punished for something he wasnt guilty of, and that nobody would believe this.

A few months later, Bruce did finally got out and put back in society... Los Santos's society. The pressures instantly came back to haunt him once again; his financial status forced him to go live back in his parents house in Idlewood, the same parents that decided not to believe in Bruce and now thought he was just an irresponsible pothead. Anthony was now working in Liberty City, and even though his relationship with Bruce had not changed the slightest, at least the constant confrontations between the two had vanished. The several street gangs surrounding the area were once again teaming up in an apparent attempt to bring the only Caucasian guy around down, and now, with Bruce working at a local music store in an attempt to earn himself enough money to be able to move away from that place, even the Mafia was trying to extort him. It all seemed like an hopeless cause. However, what was about to happen next was just proof that even in the worst times, there may still be a way out. One day, as Bruce got out of his crappy job, he saw what seemed like a large group of rebellious bikers cruising through the street in a tight formation. They seemingly held the same beliefs as him; they didn't fit in society, they didn't want to fit, and they wouldn't conform to what they didn't like. With a "borrowed" Harley Davidson, Bruce would latter join this club as a Prospect and earn, along with a bunch of other benefits, the financial support to move away from the Ghetto and into a safer part of town.

That group, was the Khans Motorcycle Club...

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC

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