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Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:22 pm

Name: Dimitriy
Alias(es): N/A.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia.
Address: Palomino creek, unknown where exact.
Date of birth: 10th of November, 1989.
Age: 23.
Height: 196 cm.
Weight: 99 kg.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Blue.
- Deceased.
Relationship status: Single.
Spoken languages: English, Russian.
Profession: Unemployed.
Affiliation: Seen around the khans.
- Harley Davidson Dyna wide Glide((Freeway))
Tattoo's and piercings:
- On his arm is a big dragon tattoo.
- Piercing in his nose, and ears.
Other notes:
- N/A
Criminal record:
- Assault.
- Battery.
- Attempted murder.
- Attempted murder on a GOV employee.
- Extortion.
- Possession of an illegal firearm without a permit.
- possession of an controlled substance.

Mugshot taken by the SASD.
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