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Julio ''Jules'' Tottelo 23s8buv
Julio Tottelo

Julio was travelling from Mexico to Los Santos - After his cousins death. The road took him 3-4 hours to pass and when he came, he went straight on the funeral at LS Graveyard. After that, he decided to stay at Los Santos for good.

One day passed since Julio was in Los Santos, he decided to go around it and get to know the streets. He passed by Unity Station - China Town and saw some bikes parked near a big Compound. He slowly parked the bike next to the others and looked around. After a couple of minutes two individuals came from the compound and saw Julio leaning on the wall, they asked him: ''Who're you and what are you doing 'ere?'' Julio responded: ''Uhm-.. I'm Julio'' One of the individuals nodded and said: ''I'm Deuce, nice to meet you.'' The other introduced himself aswell, with the name Dim'. That day he met a couple of people such as Claw, Stone, Voodoo, Ice and others. One of them was named Ruskie and he gave Julio a nick'-... Jules. Ruskie and Julio are good friends since then.

12.7.2012 - 15.7.2012
Julio got a phone call from his mother back in Mexico, she said that his dad has cancer, that broke Julio down but he did not show that to his friends back at the Compound. When he came back he said that he must go back to Mexico for a couple of days, to see his family - So he did. Travelling back to Mexico on his bike took him three - four hours. When he came home, his mother huged him, he saw his dad laying on the bed. After a couple of minutes talking to him he stood up and went to the local market and bought presents for all his friends back in Los Santos. After just two days, Julio's dad died on fourteen of July at six o'clock. Funeral was at the local graveyard - after one day, Julio went back to Los Santos.

When Julio arrived back, he was happy to see all his friends - he gave them their presents and they went for a drink at the Khan Throne. After three drinks, Smiley and a new guy named Tex went to spray the train tracks, first thing Julio wrote was ''Julio <3 Tacos'' They all laughed at that and were happy that he came back.

Julio woke up into a new day.

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