The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution

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The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution Empty The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution

Post by Painkiller on Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:57 pm

The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution
The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution Patchsig

In order to mantain the brotherhood united, the Khans Motorcycle Club remaining founders enacted a set of bylaws to be respected by it's patch holders. This must be the only law you'll ever follow on your life from now on. A real democratic and revolutionary code for the Motorcycle Club. This is the international code of the Club, however additional laws might be added in foreign charters.

  • Section one as for joining the club:

In order to join the Khans Motorcycle Club there are several requirements and conditions to be followed on the process of becoming a true member of the club:

  • You must be over eighteen years old at the moment you receive your prospect vest;
  • You must own a chopper or a custom motorcycle, robust bikes are appreciated;
  • Upon requesting your prospecting phase you must abide to all the rules stated in this letter;
  • You are required to live in the same territory of the charter you're willing to support;
  • You might frequent the Clubhouse;
  • As a supporter you shall never identify yourself as a member of the Club to anyone inside or outside the brotherhood;
  • Always be at your sponsor's disposition.

  • Section two as for prospecting in the Club:

  • Once you recieve your vest you are now under the vigilance of your sponsor patch holder aswell as of the rest of the club;
  • Don't ever ask when you might be receiving your top rocker;
  • Don't ever identify yourself or identify the club as outlaw to anyone outside the club;
  • Always attend to a club meeting when summoned;
  • Don't ever enter church meeting room without being summoned;
  • Follow the official guidelines of the constitution as written on the "Prospecting" and "Respect and Commitment" books;
  • Watch for any club property;
  • Don't ever leave a patch holder alone if he didn't request you to leave;
  • If you're offered a job position inside the official sources of funds (defined by the treasury) you are to work on that business;
  • As a prospect you may not offer "Property Vests";
  • You're responsible for the crash van on rides.

  • Section three as for staying in the club:

  • As a full patch holder, you're still under the vigilance of your brothers and you must follow the guidelines of the "Respect and Commitment" book;
  • By receiving your top rocker you understand the structure defined by the "Officers" book and you are responsible for your pre defined functions inside the club;
  • Always attend to the church meeting;
  • You're now allowed to give "Property Vests" by asking to your local charter secretary;
  • You might ask the permission for a back pack tattoo directly to your local Vice-President or President;
  • You only receive your top rocker, by being a member classified in the selected few good-standing members, however breaking the club rules might get you under the bad-standing group;
  • You must remove or cover your back pack tattoo if you are removed from the club in bad standing;
  • If you have the honor of joining the national enforcers you're given free pass on any local charter of the Club;
  • To become an Enforcer you must send your request directly to your local Vice-President or President;
  • A Nomad member reservers the same warrior privileges in any local charter;
  • You are to sponsor a hang around that is requesting a prospect cut whenever it's possible;
  • Sponsored members are your responsability and you might revoke his sponsorship at any time by comunicating to your local General;
  • Be respectful to other local clubs;
  • Don't ever abdicate your personal ideologies and thoughs, if you are a member of this brotherhood it means you're willing to be a human being free of any stereotypes or society taboos.
  • Don't fear the curse of the skull. Instead of it, embrace it.

Khans Motorcycle Club - The Real Nine Percenter MC
The Khans Motorcycle Club Constitution Patchsig
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