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  • You need to be sponsored by a Patch-holder from the charter you want to get associated with.

  • You need to work in "The Freewheel Garage", "The Khan Throne", "The Punk Wreck Chords" or in any other business for 3 months ((weeks)) until you're able to get affiliated with the club.

  • You won't be able to get your Prospect cut while in bad-standing.

  • You need to live in the same district as the charter you want to get associated with.

Purpose of Prospecting

Prospecting is not an initiation, as you would find in a fraternity. It is, instead, a period of training that is sustained until the prospect, in every sense, conducts himself as a Patch-holder. It's a time in which:

  • The man's attitude is conditioned so that he displays a sense of responsibility and respect towards the Patch-holders of the Club, without which he will not develop a sense of brotherhood.

  • He is educated in basic MC protocol and etiquette.

  • He is given time to develop the habits that are basic to good security and good communications.

  • To get the man into the habit of participating.

  • To give his family time to adjust to the demands of the Club.

  • To experience and learn an essential degree of humility.

  • To become accustomed to trusting the judgment, at times blindly, of those Patchholders who will someday be his brothers.

  • To break the man of habits that are self centered and self serving.

    The list could go on but the point here is to demonstrate that prospecting has definite objectives and that a prospect will go nowhere in the Club if he is not aware of this and does not apply himself to those ends.

    It's not possible to make a checklist of what is expected from a prospect in all cases. There isn’t any formula for success, but the key is ATTITUDE. Everything else can be learned in time, but a man's attitude comes from the heart.

    The testing of a prospect may come in many ways. It may be planned or spontaneous. In any event, when a prospect is given a task, the Patchholder is going to be looking for the man's attitude and the spirit in which he carries out the task. The prospect should be alert and always attentive in looking for more to do. If he is ever in doubt of his priorities or he can't find something to do, he should ask. The Patchholders know which of the prospects hustle, and those are the prospects that are spoken of with the greatest pride and respect. It is also the way by which confidence and trust are developed. These are the seeds of brotherhood.

    Remember that you will be prospecting for the whole Club and not just one individual. The Patchholders of one chapter are always held accountable for the actions of a Patchholder of another chapter. It is therefore only right that the Patchholders of all chapters have a hand in developing the prospects on their way to becoming a full Patchholder.

    Some Do's and Don'ts

  • As a prospect, strive to conduct yourself as a responsible Patch-holder at all times.

  • Always display a positive attitude.

  • Participate as much as you think is acceptable; then participate more.

  • If you see a Patch-holder of the Club that you have not met, take the initiative to introduce yourself. Always introduce yourself as "Prospect (your name)".

  • At all gatherings, make it a point to circulate when you have the time to do so and greet every Patch-holder who is there.

  • Anticipate the brothers' needs and offer to supply them. Don't wait to be told.

  • Don't get overly friendly with someone that is not a regular acquaintance of the Club. If someone outside the Club has questions, refer him to a Patch-holder.

  • Never give out a Patch-holder's name, phone number, address, or any personal information to anyone outside the Club.

  • Never give out any information about the Club itself to outsiders. This includes, but is not limited to, where the Club is based, how many members are in the Club, etc.

  • Always be security minded, look around and see what’s going on around you in public places and report anything that seems suspicious.

  • While in public places, always conduct yourself with your association with the Club in mind. Remember that what you do people will remember; good or bad.

  • Never let a Patchholder walk off alone in an unsecured area. If he is going out to his car, his bike, or even just out to get some fresh air, go with him. Watch his back at all times.

  • If you are at an open function and pick up on some negative attitudes, especially if from another Club, quietly alert a Patchholder immediately.

  • Keep your ears and eyes open and feed any information that you may pick up on to a Patchholder, especially information regarding another Club.

  • Remember that you are a prospect 24 hours a day. Your association doesn't go on and off with your colors.

  • Remember that you are every Patch-holder's prospect, not just your sponsor's or just your chapter's.

  • Never wear your colors out of your area without your sponsor's approval and never out of state unless you are with a Patch-holder.

  • If two or more Patch-holders are having a private conversation, don't approach them within earshot, especially if they are talking with a Patch-holder of another Club. If you need to interrupt put yourself in a place of visibility and wait to be acknowledged. If it is important that you interrupt, ask another Patch-holder to break in for you.

  • Never use the term "Outlaw Club" when speaking to a member of another Club.

  • Never lie to a member of another Club. If you are in a situation where you are asked about the Club or its membership, it is acceptable to say "That seems like Club business and I really can't talk about it”. If this doesn't put the subject to rest, offer to put him in touch with a Patch-holder for him to speak with.

  • Always show respect to a Patch-holder of another Club. Even though he's with another Club he's earned his patch; you haven't.

  • Frequently ask the Patch-holders how you are doing and if there's anything you should be doing differently.

  • Never ask when you may be getting your patch.

  • Never call a Patch-holder "brother". He's not your brother.

  • Never call a Patch-holder of another Club "brother". He's not your brother, either.

  • Remember that your patch is earned; it is not given to you.

  • Never bring a personal friend or a stranger into the presence of Patch-holders without asking permission to do so first.

  • At an open function, never turn your back to a Patch-holder of another Club. This is not so much for safety reasons, but as a show of respect.

  • Always show respect and courtesy to Patch-holders of other Clubs. Don't come across like you want to be best friends. Be professional in such encounters; keep it short, then move on.

  • Keep away from women associating with other Clubs.

  • Never be quick to walk up to a Patch-holder of another Club in a public setting, even if you know him well and the Clubs are on friendly terms. If you want to greet him, walk up slowly and wait for him to indicate that he wants such a public display to take place. He may be on some Club business and may not want to give the general public the impression that the Clubs are on such friendly terms. If he looks like he's going to ignore you, accept it and keep your distance. The best approach is always to wait for them to come to you, and to let everyone else see that.

  • Learn what different parts of our patch represent and what the different color combination of yours and other Clubs represent.

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