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Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DAWN

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Newpatches1

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] FranaBandeira

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] GrayWolf

"Day", her hybrid wolf.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] GirlSitting

Her actual image.
(Prison related tattoos all over her arms)

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Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] PATCHES

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

"They may
hit me one million times and put me in a wheelchair forever, but society
won't shape my attitude. This world needs anarchy, punk, rebellion,
anger. I am the anger."

- Dawn

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Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] SCREENSHOTS

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR



Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] FAMILY

  • Mother: Marrí Disponentia Buffon
  • Father: Lorenzo Monti Lazetti
  • Grandfather: Pierre Monti
  • Grandmother: Mariza Disponentia Buffon
  • Aunt: Lucciane Monti Buffon
  • Cousins: Stephanie Monti Lazetti Buffon / Mario Disponentia Monti / Xaviero Lazetti Monti

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] STATS

Name: Luane Monti Lazetti Disponentia Buffon
Alias: "Lulu / Lua / DAWN / Sweety / Ane"
Age: 26
Birth: 1/18/1986
House: Khans Compound's office.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] OTHER

Her own anger and 'Khans Motorcycle Club'.
Disrespectful people, unnecessary violence, being annoyed, having her anger doubted on.
Chilling, being properly recognized, feeling hate, her "friends", working, stealing, getting into fights, tagging walls all over the town, graffiti, her anger brothers and sisters,
Almost nothing.
Stupid people, being violated(Not exclusively rape), being disrespected, losing patience, losing bets and, you.
Former Resident Doctor / General Pratitioner / Psychologist (Former Official F.D member)
Bikes/Cars Mechanic
Skilled thief / House breacher / Car jacker
Arms and lower back filled a casual amount of prison related tattoos.
Favorite hobbies:
Tagging walls, erasing others tags, doing favors for the club, hating.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] RELATIONSHIPS

* Sam -
"I really like him, he's got principles, real trustworthy!"

Cloudy -
"I love that girl! She knows the stuff n' all, like a sister.. uhm, she can be overly dramatic sometimes, though, heheh."

* Skittles -
"I love her as my own big sister. Extremely reliable. Would burn my arm for her. Uhm-.. she's not around as much as she used to."

Chris -
"Disrespectful idiot... why did I operate his gun show wound?"

* Shane -
"I love him as my own big brother. Extremely reliable. To be honest I like him more than that..."

* Lessie' -
"Kinda' cute.. she knows how to get things done... she is actually very good and Aure likes her. I heard she likes me, yet she confuses me a lot about who she is interested.

* Tash -
"Ey', that girl is awesome! She is a little weird but that's just her charm, /too bad/ she is married~."

* Skin -
"Very wise individual, I want this man as my ally and close friend. A father figure in some ways."

* Joan -
"Pretty unstable girl... she's adorable, yet very weird. Aure loves her so she must be good.. I want to hug her."

Alex -
"He depresses me..."

* Bella -
"One description for her: The mother I never had. She is overly angry sometimes."

* Anton -
"He's the best, fuckin' cool guy I ever met, damn!

* Voodoo - [/b]"'Dat guy is really, really cool, yeah. He is kind-a' annoying some times, that's true... overly ironic maybe, but dude, he's worth havin' the friendship.

Nats - [/b]"She is partially nosy, at first impression. I don't trust her in any way... not yet. She is kind-a' adorable."

Paulo C.-
"A zero."

Greg -
"I didn't know him well but now I'm sure he's a really awesome guy, I like to havée' him as my brother. Sometimes he just creates problems out of nowhere, though."

Trooper -
"Yeeeah, he's really into this family as much as I am. I enjoy his company and he bought me a present, heh.

Cristian - [/b]"Who?"

Charlie C.-

Martin -
"He is a bit uhm... 'out of his senses' sometimes, but seems reliable and determinated. I just think he is takin' too much damage lately, he needs to re-think some stuff and people shouldn't put so much pressure."

Abe -
"That girl is actually cool! Yeah, well.. her "sickness" is unique, I must say. I like to keep her as a friend."

Kyla -
"S.A.C.F Guard, really cool, but trying to be professional too much."

Madox -
"S.A.C.F Guard, I tried to strangulate her once, but she is really friendly, I like her."

Iovis - "S.A.C.F Guard, talk a lot, bee' boring but still cool."

Capt. Kimura - "S.A.C.F Guard Correctional Captain, she is really, really hot."

Rest of general society - "I hate you all!"

NOTE: If you haven't been mentioned here, you still mean nothing to her at all.

NOTE²: Those relationships are constantly changing with in-game interaction.

"*" = Important.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] TAGS

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 12


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 1

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 2

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 3

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 4

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 5

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 6

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 7

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 8

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 9

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 10

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 11

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] SPECIALSOMEONE

[...]She said she'd never been...
...Never been touched before
...She said she'd never been...
...This far before
She said she'd never liked...
...To be excited
She said she'd always had...
...Had to fight it
She said she'd never been...
...Never been balled before...[...]

This area shows who is within the range of Dawn's "special interest".

Obs: That does not mean Dawn is fully interested in that person and will do anything for her/him, just a possiblity of something bigger.

-Actual interests-

[Captain Kimura]
[P.K (Her dream guy, for sure)]

-Denied interests-

(Big sister)
[Aure] (Big sister)
(Little sister) [Joan] (Little sister)

-Actual partner-

"The dawn's friend is not the one who admires it from the light, but the one who steps in the darkness that surrounds it."

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

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"Better laugh now and cry a little later than crying for never laughed before" - Dawn.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] BadassGirl
- Luane Monti Lazetti "DAWN" Disponentia Buffon -

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Post by Dawn on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:09 pm

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] EPISODE1
"I want to CRY..."

[...] "Silent my voice, I've got no choice.
I don't see, anymore
I don't hear, anymore
I don't speak, anymore
I don't feel."


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Healthy-girl

Luane Monti Buffon (A.k.A "Lulu") was born in Montpellier, France. Her family is greatly laced together as it's a large luxurious community, considerably rich both in financies and education, involved with specific businesses treating of such services; They're brightly known and sometimes respected through certain places as "The Buffon".

Lucciane Monti Buffon (A.k.A "Le Petit") was the first to expand the family affairs to U.S.A with her daugther Stephanie, creating the "Ms. Buffon's Luxury Company" which one was quickly recognized as the most classy and highly qualified services around involving massages, limousines, hairdressing, manicures, general art, skin treatments, tattos, etc.
((Those events above really occured In-Game))

When Petit' and Stephanie moved back and gave the family all the unnusual and interesting data about Los Santos it fully closed the Buffon's interests in sending any more family members there due to the huge violence and criminal indices that only tend to grow bigger. But the young Lulu, daugther of Marrí Monti Buffon and Petit's niece was greatly amused by all the stories that she has been told about this north-american city considering the fact she's always interested in radical and extreme moments, the detached family member.
She had an almost perfect school historic as she easily passed through the distinct grades showing some difficult in mathematics though, and lack of great art's senses differently from her family in general, she liked the real raw action; amused to the fights and police boulletins found in TV channels she grew eager to live those, demanding her family to put her in martial arts.

Since the community refused she started coming home later than usual, trespassing into box gyms and studying their movements at distance untill the day her trainer finally caught her on act, "Stone".
Stone treated her as his own daugther as his real one, Jessica, got to be close friends with Lulu as the sister she never had.
During all the hard training and physical tiring sessions years passed, Lulu finally reached the university as she studied medicine with all her wisdom and dedication, turning out to be a great and graduated Doctor. At this point she was a fresh and life-established young woman, the old Stone was at his last cancer days until the sadly moment of his fall arrived, leaving Lulu, his best trainee, to run the whole gym by herself with Jessica.
Lulu felt a huge amount of confidence deposited in her as she had the necessary funds and ability to accomplish that last wish. She took no further thinking and assumed the place right away as Jessica handled other affairs related to the business, leaving the main Buffon's costumes aside one more time, where her family weakened the trust in her.

After a few years managing the local she became very good in what she does, unexpectedly receiving the call from other medical departments, requesting skilled Interns to assume new ranks in Los Santos' hospitals. Her eyes sparkled with the opportunity as she passed the affairs to Jessica who nicely encouraged Lulu to keep on, running the gym by herself. Lulu took the first plane to San Andreas and signed all the papers, concluding the transference to All Saints General Hospital where she rests now, eager to be promoted and keep on saving lives.
Not so later on she grabbed a nice well-located house in Glen Park and settled in for good. Nowadays she works and enjoys life a lot, unprofessionally training a few fellows and aspirant figthers who appear by her path.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] HomelessGirl

The Buffon Family suddenly turns tables in Luane's life.
They abruptly CUT all connection and benefits Luane had with them at Montpellier - Money, sponsoring, bank accounts, communication, everything.

They did that in a "indignation" response to everything Luane did during her life - Not being classy, not working with beauty or health care bussines, not being the model her mother wanted her to be, not fitting in the "Buffon standards, being a Doctor, etc.

Her MAIN SPONSOR, Lucciane Monti Buffon, ceased all the current money income to Luane and closed her bank account, grounding her from any sort of funds. With that she also cut Luane's medical carreer development funds as well, kicking her from her job in F.D.

After a few weeks she is eventually kicked from her nice house in Glen Park and tossed into the cold streets.
She can't afford her vehicle bills as she loses its insurances, security and others.

Luane became a "Renegade/Disowned Buffon".

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Angry

With all the recent events in Luane's life she finally comes to a conclusion - Everybody is a worthless puny disgraceful piece of shit.
Her anger and gate grows in quick pace as she literally can't bear the fact that everything in her life vanished away in a blink. She becomes more violent and fast, she becomes an animal.
With her beserk mode she destroyes windows, causes battery in the streets and such.
Not so later on her friend, Snowball, tries to calm her down while Luane is driving her Phoenix. Suddenly Luane stops near Khans Compound and draws a baseball bat from her trunk, beginning to viciously destroy and damage her own vehicle in pure anger, which made she run out of air soon enough.
That's when Skittles firstly meets Luane's raging side, passing Luane her number.

Never satisfied with the damage, Luane crazily attempts to forcefully pull her destroyed Phoenix trunk's door out with her bare hands, which one accidentally caused a large massively bleeding cut to her arm. She was taken to hospital with Snowball's assistance.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Pregnant

Luane does not respect anyone.
The anarchy in her heart grows in a quick pace as she claims to be a true punk with all the boiling hate in her soul, driving her attitude to a incredibly rude and careless mood.

She does not care about a single thing and keeps offending whoever steps in her way, menacingly fighting her way through the city's darkest corners for a living.

Eventually that causes her troubles, being BEATEN UP many times, ROBBED, VIOLATED, RAPED(She obviously get pregnant), KIDNAPPED, and the list goes on.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] SADGIRL

A certain calm evening Luane is called by Skittles and Shane to "chill out a little" as they climb on to a building not so far from the Compound to smoke so weed. Luane apparently does not appreciate much and hands the joint back, chatting with her about her rage issues briefly as she retires soon.

The weeks pass as Luane is slowly riding her Harley around Los Santos, seeking a place to waste the last theft's money and forget about her miserable hateful existence a little bit when she ironically finds The Khans Throne, casually moving in to drink.
She orders some usual Vodka as she leans against the counter, listening to the Rock'n'Roll song that was fortunately playing to delight her ears.

The first member Luane bumps into is Angel. They have a little casual chat when Angel asks Luane what happened to her, Luane obviously answers "It's none of your business." when Angel starts trying to impose some authority upon Luane. Telling her to show some respect and watch her mouth around the area.
Luane does not find it as a warn but a challenge as she fights back in the same level, mouthing badly at Angel when she suddenly begins menacingly hitting Luane with a hammer, driving her weakly down to her knees.
Sam(He would lately name Luane "Dawn", saying "She is darkness now, but will become day at some point") suddenly appears by and has his first sight on Luane, already watching she get beaten up once more.
Aure shows off in the bar as some sort of miracle and drags the unconcious/stunned body to her house as Luane still holds her middle fingers firmly towards Angel even in her time of death.
There Aure tries her best to understand Luane but fails terribly like all the others as Joan has the first sight on Luane while arriving in with Shane.
Aure decides to lock Luane in the bathroom so she can shower and cool down a little. - Not a smart move - Luane fills the tub and dips in without resisting in a desperate attempt to end her life and drown there. Aure and Shane come to check her as they once again save her puny life, Luane does not seem happy about it nevertheless, mouthing at them.
She is driven to hospital where the bandages and crutches follow her path as usual.

She finds herself infront of the Compound as Skin firstly meets her out of a F.D uniform, analyzing her poor and battered conditions nowadays with a young pregnant belly.
All the other hangies' and members gather by Luane while she is sitting down and speaking of Anarchy to Skin, they all seem to find her a crazy girl, but Skin visibly understands and likes her very much.
Cloudywalks out only to accidentally bump into the situation, eyeing Luane to discover how bad she mouthed at her sister in the middle of the conversation.
Cloudy seems nervous and angry - Luane notices and crazily takes the moment to push and provoke her, scoring a kick in the face as her nose begins bleeding, again. - Skin counters her and daresays "This girl has more balls than any of you guys here!".
He then offers her a mattress in the Compound's Office room. She barely accepts and begins resting there in exchange of favors and services.

After that many things happened, she met all the other (not less important) members during the months.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] GIRLWOUNDED

Skittles abruptly doubts on Dawn's anger, saying "It is only a phase".
Dawn feels incredibly offended as the only thing she cares for is insulted. She has to prove Skittles wrong.

She makes her way to Skittles' house with a crowbar and grafitti can in hands; DEVASTATING EVERYTHING in her house and spraying "It is not a phase" on mostly all the walls.

Not so much time later, Skin would organize a casual ride along across the state as Aure is furiously waiting to make Dawn pay back for what she've done. Skin has the brilliant idea to make Dawn sit on Aure's bike and hug her from behind. They all cooperate silently.

After the ride is done, Aure and Joan take Dawn to under a express road near Commerce.
Joan keeps quietly watching as Aure begins viciously hitting and menacingly hurting Dawn down to her knees.
Joan exclaims that this is already enough but Aure refuses to stop, letting herself go further as she brutally destroys Dawn to the floor, stomping and stepping repeteadly on her stomach(which caused an abortion to Dawn's bastard baby), then sitting on her torso and pushing her thumbs in Dawn's eyes while she cries out quietly, drowning in her own bloo. Dawn strangely whispers "I love you.." to Aure during the whole unreal battery. They leave her half-concious there.

She incredibly manages to still stand up and limp a few paces to the road as Sam finds her in a completely devastated state as she falls unsconsious against his chest. Police and Fire Departments arrive by to take care of her eventually with Sam's assistance.

Dawn gets such a bad wounded condition that she is almost sort of fully bandaged, walking on crutches on again as her voice is too weak for her to speak.
Aure finally understands what Dawn is all about - Rage - after everything that happened in her life. Assuming the responsibility to take care of Dawn and mostly speaking for her.
The current circumstances show that Dawn has a love feeling towards Aure.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Black_Wolf_Woman_

After many days whole patched and bandaged up Dawn feels and seems really more calm and less agressive than before, still stubborn as a rock though.
All the members around seem to be doing what they can to cheer Dawn up, only a little "succeed". She stands still with her crutches, simply streaming silent tears down her cheeks from time to time.

One calm night...Alex, one of her oldest friends who greatly helped her in the past and even had a visible crush towards her gets to meet up with Dawn once again, seeing her conditions only decreasing to a miserable wounded's.
They did speak many times before in the meanwhile but in this special night they sit together infront of Khans' Compound. She is too weak to resist in any way or show objections towards his approach.
Alex begins telling Dawn a "story", this story would simply describe her whole life in the past, precisely stating how healthy, pretty and skilfull she was; How succesful her medical career was before being cut off by her Aunt's sponsor. How her life was EMPTIED by her own family. How everything good she once had was nothing more than a big lie which could not even comfort her reality shock. She cries silently.
That night only made she grow a passionate anger towards Alex for poking and increasing this internal infinite pain in her soul.

The days keep passing, Luane begins unwrapping a few of the many bandages she had and eventually drops her crutches, slowly healing.

Shane was a great influence during her brutal wounded's healing process, he did many things to manually cheer up, comfort and possibly score a smile or two.

One of the most important acts caused by him was taking them to the western forests out Los Santos' limits. There they would throw several empty glass bottles around to stress off a little, as breaking stuff or violence were the few things that brought calmness to Dawn.
In the meanwhile, middle of late night, a part wolf-part dog male creature would slowly approach their position in an agressive manner. He was extremely oversized, muscular and his fur was gray to white in very good conditions, too shiny and clean for a common forest animal.
Shane instructs Dawn to stay still and act slowly, fearing the worst which could come from that animal. Luane ignores him and abruptly takes a seat infront of the Wolf, welcoming him closer.
Shane still persists and manages to scare the Wolf away, which Dawn would woo back to her again, gesturing for Shane to calm down.
She simply hugs the Wolf tightly and strokes his fur for a rather long period, showing a rare demonstration of affection towards some living being - Strange, but beautiful.

She would insist and bring the Wolf with her in the Van's rear with Shane driving them back to the city. The people would seem lightly impressed and fond to the Wolf, who is very friendly and educated.

Related to Dawn's voice... since the last events she would not really speak anymore.
Some say she can speak normally, some say she prefers to stay silent forever, some believe she is mute, some state that she is even defective.
The truth is only one: Nobody knows.

[...] "Silent my voice, I've got no choice.
I don't see, anymore
I don't hear, anymore
I don't speak, anymore
I don't feel."

* System of a Down - A.T.W.A

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] FriensConverses

Dawn gets through hell, once again. Her personality and lack of speak pushes people away. She treats others like they're nothing, as they deserve so.
No, she refuses firmly. Nobody is a good person, the society is corrupted - Everybody is a mess.
Her small head gets in conflict seeing other entities who area truly wanting to see her welfare! She snaps out, this can't be true... SOMETHING bad must be planned at the end.

She casually goes with Aure, Shane, Joan and Lessie to a dog fight against a few russians. Dawn does not really appreciate the idea, since she LOVES canines.
Eh, the fights go on, Dawn is asked once to hold the one of the cages and such, she hates it.
One of their dogs lose and gets heavily wounded, the other one wins, Aure repays her money loss. They all get ready to move out.
In the meanwhile she had to see things such as unnecessary yells at the poor animals, their cages being kicked harshly, treated like trash.. nothing healthy for her anger.
They bring the van to stop at a point, the Verona Beach's pier.
Shane holds the closed cage with the wounded dog and drops it on the ocean to drown helplessly.
Dawn burns in agony inside, she runs at the edge and kneels there, watching the already lost scene in disgust and pain. Aure sits by her as they try to reason something brigther from Dawn, no success.

She sparkles the anger out of her small clenching fists, dying to put her hands on Shane. She enters their van, Shane still shows a very unpleasant attitude towards her.

They finally stop by the Compound as she quickly makes her way to her mattress in the Garage's Office, drawing a sharp combat knife as she rushes towards Shane.
The tears stream down nonstop as she hugs him from behind with the knife to his neck, whining and trembling her fist in emotional conflict.
The entities around beg for her to stop as she weakly drops the knife and is walked away by Sam, who also tries to reason with her.

Dawn begins speaking, in a loud desperate tune, she is able to speak at all. The conversation does little effect towards her as she rushes in the office and grab her vital stuff plus the stolen goods, making her way to Aure's house by Jefferson, on foot. Day(her wolf) follows her protectively.

When she arrives at the house, Shane and Joan are already there.
Shane tells Dawn to do whatever she wants, prior to seal a revenge or calm her at once.
She brings him to the bathrrom and does superficial cuts all over his torso - The ones that bleed less and burns a lot more -, then repeteadly throwing around twenty or thirty brutal punches full of agony to his face, still crying in indignation. In the meanwhile he seems to pass out as she sinks his head in the filled bath tub prior to make him feel the same drowning desperate feeling the dog had.
Shane manages to snap conscious once again and easily overpowers Dawn, laying her on her chest on the floor, speaking.
His speech talks from the very beginning of everything, when the first experience he had with Dawn was literally saving her from drowning herself in that same bath tube in Aure's house.
How he helped her since then, how he did his best to make her let out the smallest smile, how he did everything he could to make she feel a little bitter over all the disgrace. She passes out with the intense conflict of principles, poor girl, poor Shane.
She wakes up in the living room's couch, having her hands still held by Shane's as Aure is nearby.
She simply sits up and rubs her dizzyness off, letting out a tiny smirk in a happy disbelief.

"You two.. are my friends.. guess I need some partners to destroy the world, eh?"

Dawn begins getting more friendly over the other individuals which are close to the Khans Club.
She gets herself a supporter hoodie and finishes the fix of her motorcycle, beginning to officially deal with the "family". Using her mechanic and thief skills as much as hanging out, mostly with the females.

She grows a large trust feeling towards: Shane, Aurelia, Skin and Sam.
Also, in short terms, she sees Shane as her big brother and Aurelia as her big sister.

She is -still- VERY closed to strangers and people she did not get to know much yet.

She also prefers to stay silent and play mute for most of the time.
"This society is not worth my voice..."

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

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"Better laugh now and cry a little later than crying for never laughed before" - Dawn.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] BadassGirl
- Luane Monti Lazetti "DAWN" Disponentia Buffon -

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Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Empty Re: Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW]

Post by Dawn on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:10 pm

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] EPISODE2
"I want to DESTROY..."

[...]I define defiance, represent rebellion
Embody true autonomy, have been through hell
And still do what I choose, been battered and bruised
Yeah I've taken many beatings and gladly paid all my dues
But I refuse to dummy down and follow the herd
I'm gonna say what I believe and stand by my word


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] TAG


Can't be controlled, won't do what I'm told
I'm not a number, a name tag, or fit into a mold
As my story unfolds I will proudly stand
Forever unapologetically; I don't give a DAMN! [...]


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Girlonamotorcycle

Dawn finally reaches a neutral point.

She enjoys more what is around her, what is bound to surround her life.
She studies the Anarchy, the blind society, the corrupted government, the unfair laws...

An anarchist, government-hater, depressed and partially mute little warrior girl with her hybrid wolf, hard-headed standards and a hog. She is decided to fight for her freedom and achieve her own happiness.
Not only for herself, but for the others who did not let her fall too.

One thing is certain: She knows who to hang out with - The family with true intentions she never had the opportunity to have. Khans.

She won't sacrifice the cause now. Her anger is a gift, and must be used against the RIGHT targets.

The "Wolf Spirit" embraces her as much as her undying anger, she knows it all now.
Her endurance and tenacity only tend to grow, day after day.

"Die, motherfuckers!"

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Prison

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] 800MinutosJAIL

Dawn gets really deep in the criminal life.
Her thief, breacher and mechanic skills grealy increase with the intense routine.
Also she develops a very slippery ability from her childhood times - "Parkour" - She mostly hangs at the top of small buildings or climbs the town in free-running as sport and method of fleeing. Very useful.

Recently, Dawn and Joan watched Skittles getting ready to be arrested by Sheriff's Department near Idlewood Motels. Dawn imagines Skittles has done something really bad and will probably get jailed for a long time - A thing she does not wish not even a little.
Dawn acts and plans the action with Joan, forcing a violent and succesfull shoot-out with the Deputy Officers, taking them down for good.
Joan splits up and Dawn grabs the already cuffed Skittles into the vehicle, running away and hiding around the city, yelling for assistance in the radio.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] VAN1
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] VAN2
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] VAN3
Joan arrives with a Van and takes them both in, driving to Las Venturas' deserts with Shane following, hiding at Skittles' farm for the time being.
Hours pass, everybody is getting alerted of the situation as Dawn regrets her actions, half proud and half regretful. She does not panic at any moment, staying focused, but nervous.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] FARM2
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] FARM1

Dawn keeps re-checking her 17. Glock's magazine repeteadly, fearing what could happen with her.
They all (Joan, Dawn and Skittles) sleep in Shane's house at a safer place for the time being. Dawn on the sofa, Skittles and Joan on the same bed.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] HOUSE1
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] HOUSE2
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] HOUSE3
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] HOUSE4

The days pass, maybe weeks, she doesn't even know anymore. She decides to take a taxi, get rid of radio and Nokia cellphone, removing any possibilities of being tracked by the police.


Not so long after those events, Luane feels more comfortable as her profile is low again, her A.P.B must've been set aside for the moment - She thought so...

She hangs around the city and repeteadly visit the Compound Garage to see her closer friends, seeming greatly pale and paranoid, in a constant fear and shock... suspiciously eyeing all her sides in an overprotective manner - Her small fists closed against her chest.


More days pass as she feels fully comfortable to resume her life, only having notices of Joan so far, whose she made sure to give the proper thanks and nice words, fearing they wouldn't see eachother sooner or later due to the heat.
God, what's going to happen to Day, her wolf?


At a nice morning, Charlie, Greg and one more entitiy pass by in a dark Tahoma, fiddling with weapons, planning illegal events, yes.
Well, at first Dawn does not recognize them properly, yet this fact would quickly change as they approach and invite her to help in the robbery, she accepts and loads up the same Glock she has been using this whole time.
They roam around Los Santos nonstop in search for an innocent victim, they find a potential one in a Complex located at Willowfied area, quickly nudging him inside and arming the action as organized.
Everything goes fine but suddenly the police breaks in and shoots one of the group's members, putting him down as Dawn gets nervous, feeling it will be her last time.
She quickly grab a fourteen old kid who was being aimed at and uses him as human shield, attempting to leave the building as she's completely surrounded by the law enforcers.
She keeps aiming at them as the kid gradually shrugs off and runs away, she sweats coldly and maintains her trembling hands firmly aimed together with the Glock's cane, swiftly changing the target between the cops.
She feels very tensed up as one of the cops succesfully shot her with painful Shotgun bean bullets, stunning her to her knees as another cop pins her down and cuffs.

In the meanwhile.. the other two are still inside the building, the "hostages" come out... around ten law enforcers around, a police hopper surround them. It was over.
Dawn still resists, spits on the citzens' faces, threatens the kid who ran from her, back-kick the officer who cuffed her, kicks the cruiser's windows, all that.
The law enforcers keep a carefull eye on her as she has been a cop murdered and dangerous highly wanted criminal - Showing her teeth bravely, once more.

She finally ends in S.A.C.F, poor battered girl, surviving and regretfully paying her dues.

"Damn... What is going to happen now...?"

1- Dawn gets prison related tattoos.
2- Dawn gets more rough and cold than usual.
3- She gets used with the prison ambient and works out to pass time.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] WomaninPrisonEDITED

Dawn is condemned to spend a really, really, really long time inside San Andreas Correctional Facility. She barely believes she'd ever end in such a fucked up place, everything is lost?


She sulks in the corners for months, holding her undying silence to herself, missing her brothers and sisters at the compound, clenching her small fists in tiny claws, designated to ravage anyone who would show opression to her darkness.
She grows insane as her anger and internal blackened soul grows bigger as she does not even look like she cares anymore. The guards and cell mates would comment on her blank stare all the time, saying she is retarded and similar conversations.

The world conspires against Dawn, she is lost yet locked, sad yet unable to show emotions.

It's a bigger emotional conflict, more than the usual ones she has to pass through.

"I want to get out... I want to get out... I won't get out... I want to kill..."

Dawn finally gets to see a friendly face as she spots Aure', her beloved big sister coming in cuffs to rest with her. A wide fangy smile develops as Dawn tackles her to a desperate hug, the anger sisters are together again.
Not so later both of them would greet another brother turning into inmate, Skin, even Bella. Dawn couldn't be more satisfied!

Aure begins planning stuff as Dawn leans on the fight ring, eyeing possible oponents who clearily wouldn't be a match for her, considering the fact she is a seasoned box/kick-box figther and even a box instructor, eh'.
A riot begins!

"I've got to help my sister!"

Dawn begins speaking again in a matter of survival, rushing to help Aure' in the violent events which would be happening, one of the Seargent Guard were stabbed down on the floor, bleeding to his final while one of the guards proceed to aid! That guard was Madox. Dawn wraps herself around Madox and forcefully grips her claw/hands around her neck, violently strangulating the trachea in a vicious manner. An idiot would hug her from behind and tug away, preventing the beautiful deaths that were to come.
The riot is finally controlled over and the guards handle the situation.
Dawn and Aure' are taken into the ISO block, sentenced to be locked away from all the others in a single cell for the rest of their time.
Luckily they put Dawn in a cell right by Aure's, where they speak through the months.

Dawn develops the ability to speak again, seeing that Death will be equal to everybody in the end, does not matter how wise, dumb, rich, poor, angry or calm she is.

The time passes, everybody sentence's perior ends and they go out again, leaving Dawn to herself with the wisdom and roughness she gathered inside.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] TreinonaPrisao1

She begins training and working out to an insane level, repeating the dosage every around four times a week to kill time as, through the months, she begins "paying" new tattoos on her arms and back.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] TreinonaPrisao2

Representing the depression, the anger, the solitude, the love, the false appreciation, the family, between other things that she would learn inside a prison, relating everything to her life.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] TreinonaPrisao3

"I understand many things now... *Punches* I'll be back.."

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

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"Better laugh now and cry a little later than crying for never laughed before" - Dawn.
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Post by Dawn on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:10 pm

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] EPISODE3
"I want to LIVE..."

Change again, cannot be considered
I rage again, dispelling my anger
Where do I begin?
The choices are endless
My art, my redemption, my only salvation
I carry the gift that I have been blessed with
My soul is adrift in oceans of madness
Repairing the rift that you have created
I am not alone, brothers, give me your arms now

The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away
There will never be a reason why I will surrender to your advice
To change myself, I'd rather die
Though they will not understand
I won't make the greatest sacrifice
You can't predict where the outcome lies
You'll never take me alive

I'm no slave

Are you feeling brave?
Or have you gone out of your mind?
No more games
It won't feel the same
If I hold my anger inside
There's no meaning
My soul is bleeding
I've had enough of your kind
One suggestion, use your discretion
Before you label me BLIND [...]


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] Abrao

Dawn is finally realeased from S.A.C.F!
She is warmly welcomed by Shane, took back to her friends. Yes, she would begin considering them as her friends, real friends, for once.
The visits she has been receiving during her serving time did wonders while she kept reasoning with herself in the ISO Blocks.

"Does not matter, they do like me, ey'?! I like them too!

Dawn begins getting more happy and playful with the close friends who have been with her all those months. She is more acceptive, more smiley, more human.
She still pretty much still cold towards strangers, that may... never change, due to the circumstances.

She gains even more trust in who she already trusted, her happiness is slowly growing under all the hatred and suffering feelings, yet she is still a partially grumpy, stubborn individual. More adorable, though.

She goes out more, hangs around happier atmosphere, does more for her closer friends, attempts to open up. The fire shield she kept is somewhat lower than before, but it burns abrupt, curious intruders.

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR


Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] LagrimadeMetal

Dawn gets totally understood with the club.

She wasn't very sure about what would happen if she really let her guard down to the first "friends" she would ever have - stubbornly resisted as expected.
But...- it happened.

She wouldn't shoot law enforcers, run away for weeks with her beloved friend, share feelings, hang out with, eat, work, steal, rob, pass hard times togheter and such just for the sake of doing it. It had deeper reasons.

She is decided!
"This is where I want to live... these.. bikers, they are my family. I want to kill and die by them if that means having a true family. Not one that betrays me because of what I am."

I'll do the impossble for the patched, they know what this life is about and I'll learn a little from everyone.
Well, at all... in the end Death is equal, does not matter how smart, dumb, brave or coward we were, as Aurelia taught me.
We need to spit on the Grim Reaper's dirty face!

"I trust in you guys!"

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] JaquetaPreta

*Dawn wears the supporter jacket for real, hoping to grow bigger within the Club.*

Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR

"Better laugh now and cry a little later than crying for never laughed before" - Dawn.
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] DIVISOR
Luane "Dawn" Buffon [NEW] BadassGirl
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Post by Bone-Gregori on Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:23 pm

Sinex wrote:
Greg - "Uhm.. he is.. ah.. okay? Eh.."

I'm really mad at you ATM!!


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Post by Phantom. on Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:05 pm



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Post by Spill on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:12 pm

Nou ^

Life is like a bowl of soup, so fuck it.


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Post by DryDude on Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:53 am

dafuq, how much time you spent into this?

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Post by Mabella on Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:48 am

Awww... You get a tear form on my eye when I read the first post.

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Post by Alex` on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:12 pm

This is really insane.

Other than that, I have no concerns.


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Post by DryDude on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:24 am


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Post by Asngar on Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:20 am

Always loved it, still love it Wink.


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Post by Mabella on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:10 am

What can I say, love it.

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You are either somebody or you are nobody.
You will either run with me or run from me.
We Are Soldiers! We Are Soldiers! Yeah!
We stand shoulder to shoulder.
You can't erase us, you'll just have to face us!

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Post by Lessie' on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:54 am

I miss you Very Happy


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Post by Cloudy on Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:55 pm

That's some great story you got there Smile

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Post by Alligator on Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:22 am

She ain't ever met Chris yet!! Better specify what Chris that is



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