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Domenica "Nica" Salvatici Domenica5_by_Kanawati
DATE OF BIRTH: 24/11/1988
GENDER: Female
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Bone County, San Andreas.
OCCUPATION: Manager of One love smoke shop, Freelance bartender, Self proclaimed First mate.
CRIMINAL RECORD: One count of Evading the police: Supposedly was being chased by a stalker.
ALIAS(ES): Nica, Dom, Dominus, La Cacciatrice, Cookie Monster
Domenica "Nica" Salvatici Hvcw3c
SKIN: Fair skinned
FLUENT LANGUAGES: Italian, English, Slovene.
FAVORITE DRINK: Apple Schnapps
SCARS: Several scars on her right arm, & Right knee.
BODY BUILD: Athletic
RELIGION: Catholic
POLITICAL: Marxism–Leninism/Foco

Paranoia, Passive aggressive behavior, Cocaine Addiction

High school diploma; Although she has extensive knowledge about Art.

2004 Mazda RX-8
Domenica "Nica" Salvatici 3550288_1
2010 Harley Davidson Iron 883
Domenica "Nica" Salvatici 10_Harley_XL883N_05

Domenica looks rather young for her age, and she is slightly above average height. She is fair skinned, and could easily be confused to be Austrian or Swiss if she keeps quiet. She has a slender athletic build, but due to her recent usage of cocaine her weight has decreased. Her hair is black with her hair usually being straight.

She doesn't restrain herself to any style of clothing and can be seen wearing a variety of things.
Domenica tends to show herself as a kind hearted person that is rarely angry, this however is an act to hide her underlying problems. She is a very manipulative person who abuses her relationships with individuals to further her own agenda. She is quite paranoid of other people's actions, and trusts next to no one. She feels that everyone is looking out for themselves, & to survive in this world she must lie to, and exploit others to protect herself.
Her behavior is very passive aggressive, and sometimes appears to be very distant/cold to other people when she is sulking on numerous problems in her life.

A shoddy work in progress

My life's story: Nica came from a town called Sacile, she spent the majority of her life there. Her childhood could be considered normal but her relationship with her father was strained to say the least. He was a notorious gambling addict, and the crippling effect his hobby had on him shaped much of Nica's psyche today. Despite this though Nica excelled in her studies, with a focus on the Arts & linguistics. Once she became of age to enroll in a Liceo; Her father was fortunately on a hot streak, and they used this newfound fortune to make the move to Ravenna, where one of the few artistic liceos is situated.

For two years life was actually going very well, but this run of good luck wouldn't last for much longer. Nica's father started to associate with some unsavory fellows, not long after his gambling losses piled up. He had few options left, so he was forced to borrow money from a loan shark so he could live in his fantasy a little while longer. When the time came for him to return the money, he showed up empty handed. To teach him a lesson the thugs beat him into submission, but he suffered from one too many blows to the head.. He died the next day from a brain hemorrhage, leaving his wife & daughter at risk of being extorted by the crooks. Her mother had to think fast, and decided that the money which she had been saving over the years for Nica to go to university had to be used for them to leave their shattered life.

Oh hai there America, how u?
So Nica was forced to leave her whole life behind her, and start anew at the age of seventeen. Her mother rented a small run down apartment in San Diego which would be her home for the next few years. Nica performed poorly in her final year of school, barely graduating thanks to her underlying problems. Her expectations for herself were quite low now, but she was able to find well paying work as a translator for companies whom regularly did business with Italian/Slovene partners. This opportunity helped her to get out of the rutt she was in, being one of the few things in her life that was steady. When she was twenty two though a black stain was put on her resume, thanks to a greedy corporatist dog. Her employer embezzled company funds, and put the frame rather sloppily on Nica. He was never found guilty of course, but there wasn't enough evidence for nica to be imprisoned for the deed. This cemented her anti capitalist belief system, and her little fall from grace helped her find solidarity with the working class. This did however stain her credibility in her field, and she was forced to yet again move on.

City of corrupted saints :
Nica decided to move to another metropolis to start anew, this being the city of Los Santos.
She had hoped to find a similar job to the positions she previously held but to no avail.
Los Santos however was not what she expected at all, she could not find any work that her skill set applied to whatsoever. She lived off of her meager savings for a few weeks, and thanks to her roommate paying for most of the bills she had a sort of safety net to hide behind until she could get on her feet. After sifting through a wide variety of possible job offers which included: Whore, Stripper, Stripper, Stripper, Whore, many more offers akin to this, she finally stumbled upon a legitimate line of work. That offer came to her from a woman named Angel who owned a small head shop by glen park. Once she began regularly working at the head shop, it wasn't long before things started looking more positive.

Them stalkers yo.
After getting off from a late shift at the smoke shop, a guy approached her with a sinister look on his face.
She knew that much trouble was in store for her that very moment, so she ran to her car and drove off. The man was persistent though and followed her in his black jester. Nica was flipping out, drifting around corners trying to escape him but her actions attracted some attention from the local police. They didn't pay any attention to the corner that was tailing her at all, so they quickly lost track of him as he fell back to not get caught.
Nica however was so filled with adrenaline she wasn't able to simply pull over, instead she set out on a high speed chase across the state that lasted for a rather long time. Her skyline was easily able to escape the LSPD, as she kept a close eye on the rear view mirror watching the cruisers crash. She managed to make it all the way to San Fierro, but then out of nowhere the state police tailed her in a helicopter, attempting to dismantle her vehicle from above. This failed, but dodging projectiles gave them just enough time to call in a bullet to chase her down. She smashed the pedal all the way down as her surroundings turned into a constant blur, as she tried to make a quick turn to lose her admirers she lost control of her vehicle.

Somehow she managed to survive the crash, but the police made sure she would live to do her sentence. They completely ignored her pleas to catch her supposed stalker, and locked her up among the rabble no questions asked.

Prison wasn't really as bad as Domenica thought it would be, maybe this was because the cell bloc she was situated in was sparsely populated. Much of her time was spent reading books sent to her by her sister regarding to topics of theories guerrilla warfare, socio-political ideologies, and history. She essentially kept to herself, and rarely spoke to other inmates. After several months she was released on good behavior, the whole experience propelled her further into her belief system. Now a free woman she returned to her life, with surprisingly very few changes having taken place.

Based on the theories she had aspired to study, Nica soon realized there were few people she could trust if anyone at all.
The experience with the stalker altogether led her to consistently keep a close eye on her surroundings, and making it a habit to study people's demeanor. It was around this point nica started to come to a realization that she just might be crazy.
Around this time she began compiling dossiers on essentially everyone in her life, to help her better anticipate people's actions so that she is not entangled in their webs of intrigue. The only two people whom Nica has absolute trust in is her close friend Andrew, and her sister Cristal. As for everyone else, she tries to hide her suspicions but this has led to her having a cold demeanor at times, which has had negative impacts on her relationships.

A Nice drive in the country
Some weeks had passed, as Nica made her way to the throne where she was then told of the story about Angel being robbed by an asian man. Nica offered to help find him, needless to say he was spotted rather quickly multiple times. She got in touch with red informing him of this, and he picked her up. They then began to search once more to find him, when they came across an accident the man and his friend were involved in. Not long after the situation escalated from a minor argument, to a fight, and then to a short shootout. The two men got in their truck and sped off around the corner, when Red followed them and offered to give them a ride. They complied, and then the group made their way to the country making a brief stop in a forest. Nica and red got out of the car, then proceeding to hold the two men at gunpoint. The guilty man denied his involvement, and as punishment red beat him repeatedly with the mossberg shotgun. Then saying that they must take him elsewhere, and that the other man was a witness that must be taken care of.

Nica grimaced at the thought, but knew she had no choice in the matter. She told the man to turn around, get on his knees, and if he believed in god to pray. Once he uttered his last words she shot him several times in the back of the head. The duo then had to make their way to the docks to bring the thief to Angel so he could meet his retribution, Nica remained silent for the duration of the drive feeling much guilt for killing a man who did nothing bad other than being with the wrong person at the wrong time. Once they reached the docks, the man's torture began, Nica kept some distance between her and the group as they shattered his bones with a hammer. She looked away, pondering on what she done until she was ordered to take the man's belongings and throwing them in the gloomy dock water. Several minutes later the man would be executed for his crimes, she felt no sympathy for him but the same could not be said about his associate.
The guilt haunted her for several nights as she tried to justify her actions to herself, with limited progress.
Eventually she decided to not dwell on it any further, simply telling herself that: "He would've been dead anyways, whether it had been by her own hand, Red's, or the two gang bangers who failed to put him down earlier... At least I offered to him one final moment of solace before he departed to the afterlife. Had it been anyone else, they wouldn't have done the same. "

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My fuckbuddy :3 how u? Smile

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Tash wrote:My fuckbuddy :3 how u? Smile
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