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Post by Alex` on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:35 am

Alex "Red" Boccasino IJovJ
Story ends through one person's smile

The Boccasino family was a known family in the late 70s because of their winery. Adrian Boccasino, the great founder of the Boccasino family and the owner of the GSM winery, has been running the business for years without trouble. Adrian married a girl named Susan Landers. She worked as an architectural manufacturer in the JoeLand Industries. Susan gave birth to Andrew and Alex.

The day a storm passed by New York City. Alex was scared of the thunders and the flashes of lightning; Adrian came to his room and gave Alex comfort as which lead Alex to his sleep. After Adrian left Alex's room; he heard knocking on the door. Adrian opened the door. There was this guy with a hat and black shades(it was at night), long coat and was smoking a cigar whilst soaked in wet. They spoke for a few minutes then the mysterious guy left. Adrian made a worried facial expression; walking around the living room back and forth in the same place, unable to calm himself down. Susan came downstairs and saw Adrian with a troubled face. Susan asked Adrian what happened. Adrian replied:

"They're gonna burn down the winery for unknown reason. Laudicino's family is behind all this."

Susan rubs Adrian's back; sighing through her nose and said:

"It's all gonna be alright."

Alex "Red" Boccasino 6946434821_e11fe2e82d_z
Police informant on left and Adrian with Andrew on the right.
September 7th, 1992 4:39 AM.
Police sirens was heard outside the Boccasino residence. Adrian and Susan woke up and rushed to the door without questions asked. Alex and Andrew woke up but left behind the second floor of the house; peering out a window. Adrian talked to the police for a while until an outburst of anger was released by Adrian. Adrian looked at Susan and said:

"We have to get the kids out of here."

Sudden decision was made by Adrian and without any question being asked by Susan; they packed Alex's and Andrew's stuff. Adrian gave Alex the keys to a brand new Harley Davidson whilst he gave Andrew the keys to his Cadillac. The next morning; all fully set up and ready to leave, the four packed themselves with the stuff they're supposed to bring. A loud slam from downstairs was heard; Alex and Andrew was forced to leave the house through a window. Adrian gave Alex and Andrew a bag; without checking the contents, they left, driving each other's vehicles. Three gunmen spotted from the stairs when Adrian and Susan went to their room. Adrian told Susan to hide in the closet and lock the door. Adrian then grabbed his pump action shotgun from a gunrack but before he could even aim at the gunmen; he was taken down with two shots on his chest. Adrian looked at the gunman that was smoking a cigar; it was Laudicino. The gunmen immediately left the house after hearing the sirens closing in. Susan came out of the closet and rushed to Adrian. Adrian was announced dead on the spot by the time paramedics arrived.

Alex "Red" Boccasino Mob-joe-colombo-killed
Picture taken by Officer Joseph Freeland. September 7th, 1992 6:42 AM

Alex and Andrew drove into a 24/7 motel; stayed there for the night. They both argued about leaving their father and mother behind. They checked the content of the bag and it contained a certain document that is stating that each of them receives eight million dollar in their bank accounts as insurance when their father will be dead; it is somewhat of a cold cash. Andrew took the document and said to Alex.

"We both go on different directions. Don't follow me or I'll kill you."

Alex was in a state of shock; seeing his brother leave the motel and drives away with the Cadillac. Since then; Alex became a lone rider.

Alex "Red" Boccasino 118145_v2
Andrew walking towards his car; leaving.

From New York, he traveled to California by land. He passed by a couple of bars as he furnished his knowledge about bikes. He met a couple of people from a bar to another bar for over a decade.

Alex "Red" Boccasino Road-house-bar-brawl
The brawl in a bar

January 8, 2009 9:08 PM.
One night; there was this guy named Consi(Joseph Contreras). He was fighting a guy with a thick beard on his face. Alex then rushed to the two guys and tried to stop the fight. The guy with thick beard hit Alex with his balled fist on his cheek. A brawl was started inside the bar. After a few minutes of brawling; cops came and detained everyone seen fighting. Consi and Alex shook hands and became friends.

Three years have passed. Alex found himself in Los Santos. In the present time. He wanders around what would be waiting for him inside this mysterious City of Los Santos.

In this part. Everything that will be written happened in character. This is more like a diary. Will be updated frequently.
This information is completely OOC. (I'm serious, please Very Happy )

[Will be posted soon][center][left][center]


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Post by Sammyboy on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:42 pm

Good story now I think its time for you to start updating it you lazy mofo!


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Post by Alex` on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:59 pm

Meh, too lazy. Got like a hundred things to do in one day. I'll post 10 chapters of Alex' IC events though, maybe next year. Haha.

Other than that, I have no concerns.


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